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We trust in the efficacy of our courses! If you do not feel confident, and empowered or that your self-defense training will not enhance your chances of survival, we offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked!


Whats included in your street fighting package!?

  • Save -60% OFF with the bundle

  • 2 FREE months in our Spartan Training Camp

  • Immediate and lifetime access

  • Learn self-defense anytime from anywhere

  • Practical self-defense for men and women

  • 80+ lessons and 6+ hours of training

  • Direct access to Nick Drossos for questions or reviews.

  • Certification of completion


The perks are life changing!

  • Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones

  • Over come the fear and anxiety of being attacked

  • Develop assertive body language and communication skills

  • Build your confidence in other areas of your life

  • Learn self defense from anywhere and at your own pace

  • Train on your own or with the entire family

  • Learn how to read body language and de-escalate

  • Learn effective and straight to the point defensive and offensive tactics

  • Build strength and conditioning

  • Improve your over all health

7 Reasons to Learn Self-Defence: It’s Life Saving and Life Changing

From our exclusive blog survival series!

Number 1: Confidence Confidence perpetually tops the lists of self-defense benefits, proven to be a gripping aspect of what you can achieve through this real-world discipline. For the most part, it enhances mental preparedness. Learning realistic, practical, and effective training develops a genuine sense of security, giving you the balls or staying power to escape. A successful self-defence program will heighten your level of tenacity entirely. The result? To a violent attacker, that makes you outwardly fearless. On the daily: This new level of self-esteem can inspire bold choices and the motivation to face challenges you may have deemed too risky or fearful to attempt safely. Developing confidence allows you to navigate life with a more positive state of mind, enhancing your overall well-being.


  • What is the Street Fighting Package?

    The Street Fighting Survival Program includes our top 3 street fighting courses in one package, with over 80 lessons and 6 hours of reality based self-defense training.

  • Is this course for men and women?

    This program is both for men and women! The concepts and fighting technics are based on gross motor skills - learned, applied, and executed under high stress.

  • For what level is this program designed?

    The Street Fighting Package encourages participants of every level. It integrates students from beginner to expert, with lessons progressing from basic to more advanced defensive tactics.

  • Will I receive immediate access to your program upon registration?

    You will be granted access to the training and all lessons immediately upon signing in. Although we love diligence, we advise you to take ample time to analyze and mindfully practice each lesson.

  • What if I have any questions or concerns throughout my training?

    You may connect with Nick Drossos at any time through the community forum. As a student, you may even reach out with any questions or feedback through private messaging - all accessible through our platform. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Whats style of self defense will I learn?

    There are principles of Krav Maga, and other reality-based self-defense systems. What Nick Drossos has done, is pressure test each in their real environments and teach the different options for the best defensive concepts and strategies to heighten survival.

  • How long will it take me to master this course?

    It really depends on how many hours a week you put in the training. We suggest 3 lessons a week, with 30 min training in between. In 4-6 months, you should be equipped with all the combative principles to defend yourself in any situation!

  • Do I need a training partner?

    There are drills, and exercises that you can train solo, however we always suggest to pairing up with a friend, or training partner to practice drills or role play scenarios.

  • Is there a certification of completion?

    Yes, your success will be recognized! You will earn a certification of completion for your dynamic participation. It's a potent addition to your resume.


Buy now - 60%! Only 57$! Regular price for all 3 courses: 141$

How To Defend in a Bar Fight: Hands Up

From our exclusive blog survival series!

Anyone’s first line of defense is situational awareness, inside or outside of a bar. Therefore, identifying, processing, and comprehending the world around you becomes a vital practice. It is challenging, even tricky, in a dark club with hundreds of guests, blaring music, an abundance of noise, and a torrent of movement. Distractions are immense! When you find yourself in a potentially volatile scenario at a bar, it’s essential to grasp that ego will play an enormous factor when facing conflict, even more so when drugs or alcohol are a factor. Assessing the state of mind of an aggressor will also influence your defense system.


“Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have study/trained in

-David Lashley, Bailiff(Director of Security)

“Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have studied/trained in. It is practical and deals with real world self defense. He covers all ranges of fighting from empty hand, to ground, to weapons. There are not many system where you can experience this full spectrum of training.”


Learn the most effective, vigorous street fighting technics to fight off any attacker!

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