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Course Curriculum

Being faced with a much larger attacker can be scary and very dangerous. In this course Jimmy (AKA)Moose 6’6 320Lbs goes toe to toe with me, as we break down how to take out the big man.

  • 1

    Street Defensive Tactics

    • Striking fundamentals and primary targets

    • How to use kicks

    • Ego in your face and verbal intimidation

    • 2 arm lapel grab

    • 1 arm lapel grab

    • Defense from a sucker punch

    • Defense from Wild Punches

    • Rear bear hug

    • Front choke

    • Defense from a tackle

  • 2

    Improvised and Tactical Weapons

    • How to use a belt as a weapon

    • How to use a kubotan

    • How to use an extendable baton

  • 3

    Ground Fighting | Hero Program

    • Ground Fighting Striking Fundamentals

    • Hitting The Ground

    • Defense From The Ground

    • Headlock Ground Defense

    • Defense From Choke On The Ground

    • Escape From Mount

    • Escape From The Guard

    • Defense Against Stomping

  • 4

    Fight Analysis | Bonus Videos

    • Fight Analysis - K.O

    • Fight Analysis - Take Down

    • Fight Analysis - Stomp Defense

    • Fight Analysis - Sucker Punch

    • Fight Analysis - 2 Hand Push and Shove

    • Fight Analysis - Defense From a Seated Position

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What You Will Learn!

Real and practical self defense tactics that can be applied in real life situations. No gimmicks, fancy moves or technics that don't work under high stress. This course will give you the mental edge and the confidence you need to defend and attack full force when there is no other option.

  • How to read body language

  • Verbal de-fusion and de-escalation tactics

  • Setting up a pre-emptive strike

  • Striking fundamentals

  • Common attacks

  • Tactical weapons

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5 star rating

Larger Attacker Defense

Bill Tufarelli

Excellent information. It is applicable to not only larger attackers but any attackers.

Excellent information. It is applicable to not only larger attackers but any attackers.

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