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Break Down Of All Lessons!

    1. Intro to Surviving a Bar Fight

    1. Defense from a Push and Shove

    2. Head Butt Defense

    3. 2 Arm Lapel

    4. Pinned on Bar 1 Arm Lapel

    5. Defense from a Sucker Punch

    6. Defense from Wild Punches

    7. Defense from a Head Lock

    8. 1 and 2 Arm Choke Defense

    9. How To Break Up a Fight

    10. Awareness Weapon Training

    11. Stair Case Defense Strategies

    12. Multiple Attackers - Stacking Concepts

    13. 2 on 1 Bear Hug Defense

    1. Cross Face - Pressure Point

    2. How to Apply a 1 Arm Choke

    3. How to Apply a Choke

    4. Full Nelson - Escape

    5. Rear Naked Choke - Escape

    1. Defense from Bar Stool

    2. Defense from a Beer Bottle

    3. Defense from a Pool Stick

    1. Verbal and De escalation Tactics

    2. Active Shooter Survival Tactics

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • Direct Access with Nick Drossos for Questions or Review
  • Certification of Completion

Krav Maga and Cognitive Mindset – Eliminating the Doubt for Survival

“The real thing, which is harmful, is doubt… Faced with an attacker, if you are doubting yourself you are going against him and battling your own self. You Are Outnumbered”

With over 10 years of working in bars, night clubs and events, I know how intimidating it can be to be picked on and bullied in public. Being in hundreds of altercations in this environment, this course is put together, with true tested and real experience. The concepts and strategies are designed to teach you everything from reading your attacker, verbal diffusion and de-escalating tactics, common attacks and making the right decision to fight smart and hard when necessary.



This course, will prepare you for the reality of defending yourself in a night club, bar or crowded events. The training and scenarios are based in their real environments, using all the elements of reality you will encounter.

  • Awareness Training

  • Verbal Diffusion and De-Escalation Tactics

  • Common Attacks

  • Weapon Defense

  • Ground Fighting

  • Improvised Weapons

  • Tactical Weapons

  • Fight Analysis - Bonus Videos


Real Life Scenario Training

This course, covers all the reality's of defending yourself in a bar, club or event. The factors that make all the difference, from lighting, sound, surface to being outnumbered is played out in the training.


How To Defend in a Bar Fight: Hands Up

Anyone’s first line of defense is situational awareness, inside or outside of a bar. Therefore, identifying, processing, and comprehending the world around you becomes a vital practice. It is challenging, even tricky, in a dark club with hundreds of guests, blaring music, an abundance of noise, and a torrent of movement. Distractions are immense! When you find yourself in a potentially volatile scenario at a bar, it’s essential to grasp that ego will play an enormous factor when facing conflict, even more so when drugs or alcohol are a factor. Assessing the state of mind of an aggressor will also influence your defense system.


  • Is this course for beginners?

    This course, is for all levels including self defense and security instructors.

  • What will this course teach me?

    This course will teach you, everything you need to know, form awareness, verbal diffusion tactics, common attacks, how to use your environment and so much more. The entire course is in a bar setting and using its real environment and going to prepare you for defending yourself in compromising scenarios and making the best decisions for survivability.

  • Is this course only for people who go to bars and night clubs?

    This self defense concepts and strategies can be applied in many other scenarios. The concepts and strategies that are taught, are geared for bars, night clubs and any type of crowded event settings.

  • Does this course cover all the attacks and reality of defending yourself in a crowded area?

    This course was build with my personal experience and knowledge in working as security in bars, night clubs and private events. The self defense training and survival tips are based on real events.

  • Is this course recommended for security?

    Yes! With over 10 years in the field of security, I have added my own personal experience. The course curriculm ranges from defensive, offensive and restraining tactics.

  • Do I get life time access?

    Yes! it's a one time fee, and lifetime access!

  • Is there a certification of completion?

    Yes! At the end of the course there is a certificate of completion.



Bailiff (Director of Security)

David Lashley

“Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have study/trained in. It is practical and deals with real world self defense. He covers all ranges of fighting from empty hand, to ground, to weapons. There are not many system where you can experience this full spectrum of training.” - Bailiff(Director of Security)Common Pleas Court   Instructor at Lashley Training Center

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