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F.I.I.T Training

Why I Created The Fighting Intensity Interval Training!

One of the most common question I get! Is -Nick how can I train my self defense without a partner, or from home? So I created, The F.I.I.T program that’s designed to incorporate all of your Self-Defense/Krav Maga fighting concepts in a workout. Keeping it real for the street, each level has its focus on training a specific skill set, while progressing and challenging you, through each workout. Designed to make you faster, stronger, explosive and even challenge your mind, there is no other program in the industry like this! I guarantee you will see and feel the difference in your training!


Course Outline

    1. Intro to F.I.I.T

    2. Striking Fundementals

    1. Week 1 Meal Plan

    2. Week 2 Meal Plan

    3. Week 3 Meal Plan

    1. Footwork and Agility Training

    2. Gross Motor Striking

    3. Close Quarter Striking

    4. Dirty Street Striking

    5. Natural Fighting Stances

    6. Angles of Attack and Counter Striking

    7. Street Fighting Kicks

    8. Ground Fighting Survival

    9. Handicap Training

    10. Strength and Explosive Training

    11. Stress and Pressure Training

    12. Adrenaline Training

    1. Chops | Core Training

    2. Timing and Eye Coordination

    3. Finger Conditioning

    4. Explosive Knees | Resistance Bands

    5. Explosive Power | Bands

    6. Power Punching | Bands and Medicine Ball

    7. Grip Strength Training

    8. Balance Training | Swiss Ball

    9. Explosive Power | Sledge Hammer

    10. Foot Work Training | Agility Latter

    1. GFN W.1

    2. GFN W.2

    3. GFN W.3

    4. GFN W.4

    5. GFN W.5

    6. GFN W.6

    7. GFN W.7

    8. GFN W.8

    9. GFN W.9

    10. GFN W.10

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content
  • Direct Access to Nick Drossos for Questions or Reviews
  • Certification of Completion


Over 2 Hours of Bob Dummy Training and 2 Hours of Bonus Material Including 7 Day Meal Plans.

  • Combat Striking Fundamentals

  • Intense Full Body Training

  • Over 36 Videos and 4 Hours of Training

  • Build Strength and Explosive Power

  • Learn Self Defense and Get in Shape Doing It

  • Bonus: 7 Day Meal Plans

  • Bonus Videos: 12 Combat Conditioning

  • Bonus: 10 Get Fit with Nick

The Body Opponent Bag: How BOB Could Save Your Life

Although ideal for training in all martial arts and combat sports, the BOB is invaluable for tactical applications such as Krav Maga and self-defense, including real-world defence training. The BOB gives you the most realistic and personal training experience possible. Its freestanding design is the upper half of a male human body, from head to torso, minus the limbs. Bob’s face is menacing yet tangibly soft and overall is herculean and chiseled. The BOB dummy mimics human traits to enhance the naturalness of its anatomy and structure.


12 F.I.I.T Workouts That Will Push It To The Limits!

This program will not only, teach you all the fundamental strikes, technics and principles of combat, but also get you in top shape!


  • Is a bob dummy necessary for this training?

    Using a bob dummy is preferable, but a heavy bag can also be another option.

  • How many workouts are included?

    There are 12 workouts each training a specific set of skills or technics and with each a higher level of intensity as you progress. Each workout is 10 min, with a High Intensity Training for complete cardio and endurance workout.

  • How many times a week should I train?

    There is no fixed program, you can train 10 to 20 min a day or 3 times a week. It really depends on what else you are incorporating, in your training.

  • Will this program get me in shape?

    These workouts are 10 min High Intensity Training. They are designed to keep your heart rate up, and keep you moving, like a fighter. You can combine 2 or even 3 of these workouts for a very intense training, as well the combat conditioning and get Fit with Nick for a very intense workout!

  • Are the technics for real self defense?

    All the technics, and strikes are all part of the Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics Training System. So each workout focuses on a specific set of skills you need to defense yourself, and incorporates other reality factors.

  • Is this program for beginners?

    This program is definitely a great program for beginners, but as the workouts get more advanced so is the level of intensity.

  • What bonus material is included?

    As a bonus, you get 3 free 7 day meal plan by a certified nutritionist. As well 12 combat Conditioning videos, from our Hero Training Camp as well 10 Get Fit With Nick Full Body Workouts!

  • Can I learn self defense just with this program?

    You can definitely learn the technics and striking principles, of combat. As well training on the bob dummy will allow you to work on your explosive power, tool and target development, range, fluidity, footwork and coordination. But it does have its limitations, we do suggest The Hero Program as complementary to go in depth for your training.


When You Sign Up To The F.I.I.T Course, You Will Also Get Access To Exclusive Content!

  • 7 Day Meal Plan

    Follow our 3 week, 7 day meal plan by Rouba Haddad RDN MSc - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. With great healthy eating tips!

  • Combat Conditioning

    Train your combat conditioning, with 12 beginners exercises to improve your fighting skills and performance!

  • Get Fit with Nick

    The get Fit with Nick are 20 - 30 min explosive and full body workouts, incorporating all your fighting technics, in a strength and cardio workout.


Learn All The Self Defense and Krav Maga Fighting Technics While Getting a Complete Workout!


Bob F.I.I.T Fundamentals

5 star rating

Will make you get up and move!

Pauline A

And keep training! I really enjoyed learning the many different ways of striking techniques, workouts, and different types of condition training using th...

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And keep training! I really enjoyed learning the many different ways of striking techniques, workouts, and different types of condition training using the bob dummy. Plus, Nick has easy to follow (but intense to do) bonus workouts and great meal plan.

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5 star rating

Bob F.I.I.T "Fundamentals" Review

Hrvoje Luksic

Excellent and simple stuff! One will learn gross motor strikes that will work in the street for self defense, and if you do these 10-15 minutes workouts ofte...

Read More

Excellent and simple stuff! One will learn gross motor strikes that will work in the street for self defense, and if you do these 10-15 minutes workouts often you will have the needed stamina to be able to use effectively those strikes in a real world situations. Thanks Nick and Kosta.

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