The Complete Affiliate Program

This is the V.I.P certification program. One week, +40 hours of combative training. The complete Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics private coaching experience, all in one!

  • Complete All 3 Levels In One Week

  • Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4pm

  • Personal Coaching by Nick Drossos

  • Food and Beverages Included in Training

  • Complete Certificate and N.D.D.T Affiliate

  • Friday Night V.I.P Supper

  • World Renowned Self Defense Certification

  • Become a N.D.D.T Leader

  • All Online Courses and Life time Free Access To All Seminars and Events


What you need to know about the V.I.P experience

  • Is this for instructors only?

    No! this Master Class, is open to everyone and can be done for instructor purposes or personal achievements.

  • What level is this course for?

    If you are a beginners or expert, the course curriculum will follow as such, with some modications depending on your level. Since its a personal training experience, the course can be modified and adapted to your needs.

  • How do I book my week training with Nick Drossos?

    To book your 3 level certification, you must contact, from their a zoom call will be set up where you will get to ask any question you may have and get all the details.

  • What are the dates for the V.I.P experience?

    Once you have been approved and all requirements met, together we set a date that meets both our schedules.

  • What if I can't fly to Montreal?

    We offer, the virtual experience as well, however a training partner from your side would be required. The possibility, of me traveling to you is also a possibility, but that is to discuss with Nick Drossos.

  • What will this V.I.P certification give me?

    The V.I.P is a 3 level certification and complete affiliate program. That will give you a life time access to all courses and all future events for free, as well a make you a leader in the team. And not to mention a global recognized self defense certification.

  • Whats included once I sign up?

    You will get your starter kit for all 3 levels, apparel t-shirt, cap, and customized bomber jacket exclusive to only affiliates. Access to all the courses to begin preparing for your training. All beverages and meals included during the training, and a V.I.P night out on the last day of training!

  • Are accommodation included?

    Accommodations are not included, but we can definitely help arrange that for you.

  • What if I want to come with my training partner?

    We actually offer a 50% discount on the 2nd training partner. We will also have an attacker and training partner live for you during your entire training, for drills, role playing and scenarios.

Joe Riley from the N.Y.P.D

Get 3 level certification, and a personal training experience!

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