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Internationally Renowned - A Leading Self Defense Expert In The Industry!

Nick is distinguished as one of the most prized self-defense experts in the world and founder of Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics System. He combines a plethora of meticulously designed self-defense techniques to educate and empower his pupils. Nick executes high-caliber skills that include awareness training, subjective assessments of violence, weapon defense, stress training, and real-life scenario drills.


This Weekend Live event Will Be A Game Changer In Your Self Defense Training!

  • Threat assessment and fear management

  • Situational awareness, profiling, body language

  • Verbal defense and de-escaltion tactics

  • Evade and escape tactics

  • Striking vital targets and fundamentals

  • Common Attacks and multiple attackers

  • Ground fighting and pressure points

  • Knife Defense survival training

  • How to use improvised weapons and environment

  • Role-playing, scenario and survival training


How This Event Will Impact And Improve Your Life

  • Emotional Control: Recognize, and manage everyday fear, grace, and poise under pressure

  • Awareness:  Alert and readiness for anything, cognitive of surroundings

  • Mental focus: Self-disciplined, goal-oriented mindset, quick decision-making, assertiveness

  • Protection:  Disable, protect and escape an attack

  • Fighters Reflex: Move quickly and smart in any situation

  • Warrior Spirit:  Preparation for battle and survival, grit and courage 

NYC 2023

Nick Drossos Tactical Edge Seminars: The Ultimate Self-Defense Survival Training

I create drills and scenarios that are true to life, making what we practice relevant and meaningful. If it makes sense only then can your self-defense system triumph in a real-world scheme. Moreover, there may be one or multiple attackers, so the scenarios are constant, and the training only authentic and real-world. And although nothing could ever duplicate the rush in your veins, if it happens – you’ll get to experience the intensity of real-world training. Additionally, if you put your head and heart into the game – you could learn to escape alive. My hard-core training is ambitious and challenging because a knife or edged weapon attack is merciless. Anyone with a knife has the potential to be catastrophic. A person’s primary motive of intimidation and robbery could lead to the most barbaric stabbing in a flash. In a blink of the eye a knife-wielder is dead set on using their edged weapon to puncture through your skin, bone, and tendon to inflict the most excruciating outcome.


Whats Included In Your Weekend Training +500$ Bonuses

  • All snack and beverages are included in the live event

  • Nick Drossos Defensive gear: hoodie, t-shirt, cap

  • Bonus: Krav Maga Survival Package - Life time access to Spartan Training Camp

  • Tactical weapons: Pen, and Flashlight

  • Free! Yearly invitation

  • Certification of completion and badge


  • Is this live event for men and women?

    Yes weekend training is beneficial both to men and women, since the self defense principles are very much the same.

  • How young or old can someone attend?

    The minimum age required is +14 since we do have Knife Defense training.

  • Im a beginner and don't know much about self defense is this event for me?

    This program, is a beginners level, but all self defense practitioners can benefit from this training, since it's the base if all self defense training.

  • What are we going to learn over the weekend?

    The program follows as such of an attack from visual or intuitive contact. Stating the fight from situational awareness, all the way to getting you home safely.

  • How will this weekend change my mind set?

    This program will change your mind set, since the weekend training is focused on programming your survival mind set, through realistic role playing scenarios.

  • Will this weekend build my self defense confidence?

    Yes! The concepts and strategies, you will learn have been pressure trained and tested, and the program is designed to build your confidence through pressure training.

  • Do I need to be in physical shape for this event?

    Yes! Preferable it is suggested to train prior, for better stamina and endurance to complete the entire weekend.

  • How can I prepare for the training?

    As soon as you sign up, you will get video lessons to prepare you for your training. As well we suggest 3 months prior, to strength and endurance train.

  • What guarantee do I have that once I am done, I will be proficient to defend myself in any scenario?

    The program is designed to push you, mentally and physically to your most potential and survival. The self defense training has been proven and tested by Nick Drossos, and the concepts and strategies have been applied in real life situations.


Don't Miss Out On This 1 Time A Year Live Event: Spaces Are Limited!

The "Hard Target" self-defense training experience encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, realistic scenarios, and personalized feedback to ensure participants gain practical skills and confidence. It incorporates various self-defense techniques, situational awareness, and mental preparedness, creating a well-rounded approach that prepares individuals to handle a wide range of potential threats effectively.

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