Empowering Women Around The World

This 3 hour live seminar, will prepare you mentally and physically for any type of attack. Covering all the topics you may encounter from domestic violence to rape prevention, this is a complete crash course on developing the right instincts and survival!

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    Women's Shield Seminar

    • 3 Hour Seminar with Nick Drossos

Regular Price 150$

To attend the seminar was over 150$ per person, and to spread awareness, and empower women we wanted to offer it to all and at a very affordable price!


What You Will Learn!

This 3 hour seminar will be covering the following topics!

  • Survival Mind Set

  • Awareness and De Escalating Tactics

  • Striking Fundamentals

  • Common Attacks

  • Rape Prevention

  • Pressure Training and Alive Drills

  • Scenario and Role Playing Training


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  • Do I get lifetime access to this course?

    Yes! once you purchase the course you will have a life time access, and can re watch it as many times as you want.

  • Can I watch it with my teen girl?

    Yes! This seminar was actually a mom and daughter seminar. However we don't recommend under the age of 14.

  • Is this specific to women only?

    Yes! The entire seminar covers all the reality's women can encounter in a life threatening situation. The technics and moves are designed to be used by women, against larger and bigger attackers.

  • How much confidence will this course give me?

    Just watch the testimonial from the women who attended! As well by the end of the seminar, you will see the women fighting back in real scenario training and the shift of mind set.

  • Does the seminar, teach any drill I can do from home?

    This seminar is loaded with training drills and exercises you can do alone or with a partner.

Self Defense Survival Guide For Women

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