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The Gun Defense Survival Guide Course Curriculum

    1. "Risk over Reward"

    2. The Fundamental Concepts and Principles

    3. Alley Way: Awareness Training

    4. Alley Way: Verbal Diffusion and Deescalation

    5. Elevator: Mugging Defense

    6. Stair Case: Bulling and Intimidation

    7. Alley Way: Evade and Escape

    8. Inside a Car: Front and Rear Defense

    9. Bathroom Stall: Rear Gun Defense

    10. Kidnapping Survival Tactics

    11. Car Jacking Defense Scenarios

    12. Work Place: Active Shooter Defense

    13. Home Invasion: Survival Strategies

    1. Shop Owner Fights Back

    2. Clerk Disarms Attacker

    3. Bouncer Disarms Attacker

    4. Client Disarms Attacker But Fails

    1. Pistol Under Chin

    2. Rear Gun Attack To The Head

    3. Point Blank Attack

    1. What To Remember!

    1. Awareness Training

    2. Static Knife Defense

    3. Mugging Scenario

    4. Rape Prevention

    5. Road Rage

About This Course

  • $97.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • Direct access to Nick Drossos for questions or review
  • Private community
  • Certification of completion


Elevator Attack


What You Will Learn!

  • Fear and stress management

  • Situational awareness training

  • Verbal Defense and De-escalation Tactics

  • Decision making and evade and escape tactics

  • Close quarter gun disarm

  • Long range gun defense

  • Striking fundamentals

  • Reality based scenario training

  • Role playing in real environments

  • Bonus: Fight analysis


Nick Drossos Weapons Training And Tactics Have Been Approved And Taught To Law Enforcement Around The World!

Nick Drossos, has trained from civilians to law enforcement, the latest technics from hand to hand combat and weapons training.


You Greatest Challenge To Any Self Defense Is Your Environment And The Space You Have To Defend Yourself In!

  • Stair case: Intimation

  • Elevator: Mugging

  • Inside car: Kidnapping

  • Bathroom: Rape

  • Home Invasion

  • Alley: Bullying

  • Work place: Active shooter

  • Car jacking

  • Street walking: Kidnapping

  • Bonus: Fight Analysis



An active shooter or hostile intruder is an individual actively occupied in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area by any means not exclusive to firearms. They may also use bladed weapons, vehicles, or any tool to inflict deadly physical force. Typically, there is no pattern or even method to their selection of victims. Most active shooter situations are unpredictable, evolve quickly, and are over within minutes.


  • Is this for beginners?

    Yes! This course focuses much on awareness, de escalation tactics, and threat assessment. While teaching the necessary physical principles of defense, attack and most importantly mind set, to heighten survival.

  • What will I learn?

    The reality from theory is much difference in the street! This is why this course focuses not only on physical, but much is awareness, verbal diffusion and deescalation tactics, as well evade and escape. The course focuses much on survival, and when necessary and no other option is available to attack, disarm and fight for your life.

  • What style of gun disarming is this course?

    There are principles of Krav Maga, and other Reality Based Self Defense systems. What Nick Drossos has done, is pressure test each in their real environments and teach the different options for the best defensive concepts and strategies to heighten survival.

  • What topics are covered?

    This course consists of the most common gun attacks from: mugging, rape, kidnapping, home invasion, active shooter and so much more. What makes the course so unique, each lesson takes place in different location, and includes role paying and scenario training.

  • What is Reality Based Self Defense?

    Nick Drossos, wanted to create a course that shows and teaches the reality of different attacks, in their real environments and the challenges that come with it.

  • What are Fight Analysis?

    This is a unique series to Nick Drossos, where he takes real attacks, from media or other sources and reenacts them, to teach valuable lessons of survival.

  • Do I get life time access?

    You will be granted access to the training and all lessons immediately upon signing in. Although we appreciate diligence, we advise you to take ample time to analyze and mindfully practice each lesson.

  • Do I get certificate of completion?

    Yes at the end of course, there is a certification of completion.


7 Tips to Hard-Target Your Home: Critical Home Invasion Defense

What is a Home Invasion? A home invasion is a crime in which a criminal invades another person’s home while it is occupied. The purpose is to rob a person of money or other belongings. Sometimes, however, this type of crime has a more frightening and violent purpose. In some cases, a criminal invades a home with the intent to commit rape, murder, acts of terrorism, or kidnapping. The violence first ensues when a criminal forces his way into the home by kicking open a door or breaking a window. He may then use physical violence or threats to subdue the people inside the home. In some cases, he may use weapons, such as guns and knives, or restraints, such as rope and duct tape.




"Tactical Gun Defense"

5 star rating

Effective Life Saving Information

Holly Reese

This course is full of life saving information that in today's world we all need. The way Nick explains through his videos is easy for everyone to follow pra...

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This course is full of life saving information that in today's world we all need. The way Nick explains through his videos is easy for everyone to follow practice and drill. Along with the physical training he talks about mentally preparing you and how to go for the strikes when they are most effective. I'm grateful to be able to add this level of tactical gun defense to my training I have received from Nick over the years. I will always be looking to his courses for valuable real life scenario training,drills and defense knowledge to have a safer tomorrow.

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5 star rating

Tactical Gun Defense

Thomas Brannan



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5 star rating

Most Realistic Course

Jason James Smith

My name is Jason Smith and I have studied various styles of martial arts for many years. I have studied different styles of Karate, JuJitsu, Krav Maga, Fil...

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My name is Jason Smith and I have studied various styles of martial arts for many years. I have studied different styles of Karate, JuJitsu, Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts, Close Quarter Combat, African Martial Arts, Russian Martial Arts, and Wing Chun. I am a former firearms instructor, and I was trained by a SWAT officer on how to use a firearm, and how to disarm someone who has a firearm. I was also a fugitive recovery agent and did armed and unarmed security. I am also a former defensive tactics instructor. This is a brief description about my background. If I told you everything it would take up 2 pages. This is why I feel qualified to recommend Nick Drossos Self Defense System when choosing someone to teach you self defense. Nick is a great teacher. He explains everything in detail. I have very high standards when it comes to choosing an instructor and Nick Drossos meets them and exceeds them. When it comes to gun training a lot of instructors use a training gun in which your partner is not able to pull the trigger. You want to use a trainer that you can pull the trigger to simulate the firing of a real gun. I use the same principals and concepts as he does in his tactical gun defense course. I feel that I learned how to explain things in detail and indepth. Nick is always doing research on how he can improve his system. You do not have to have a background in martial arts or firearms to benefit from this course. He teaches you in different environments -elevators, staircases, cars, and homes. He doesn't waste movement. A lot of instructors use people who are weaker and drastically smaller than they are. I recommend all of the courses that Nick teaches. I find that his courses are extremely reasonable and affordable, more so than other online courses. He is also really fast at returning your calls or emails. I myself would like to become an instructor underneath him one day, that is how much I respect him. I am writing this testimonial because I want everyone to know about his system. Sincerely, Jason Smith

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5 star rating

very good

Dejan Savic

5 star rating

Tactical gun defense

Emilio Algar Fernández

Great course, thanks!,

Great course, thanks!,

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This Course Is Reality Based

The "Bullet Proof" course is not your usual gun defense video. Each scenario is played out in their real environments, each a unique attack using, awareness, verbal, and physical scenarios.


David Lashley

Bailiff(Director of Security)Common Pleas Court   Instructor at Lashley Training Center

“Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have study/trained in. It is practical and deals with real world self defense. He covers all ranges of fighting from empty hand, to ground, to weapons. There are not many system where you can experience this full spectrum of training.”

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