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The harrowing facts:

According to the National Center for Education and Bureau of Justice Statistics: 282,000 students are physically assaulted monthly in secondary schools throughout the United States, and the disturbing numbers are augmenting.

  • 90% of students, grades 4-8 report have experienced bullying. 

  • 28% of students, grades 6-12 experience bullying, and 20%, grades 9-12.

  • The number of kids refusing to attend school each day for fear of harassment and bullying exceeds 160,000. 

  • 70.6% of students report, witnessing bullying in their school. 

  • Frequent bullying has propagated a dropout rate of over 10%.

The aftermath:

  • Nearly 75% of school shootings have been analogous to harassment and bullying.

  • 87% of students surveyed report that bullying is the primary motivator of school shootings and lethal violence.

  • According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, bullied students indicate that bullying impairs how they feel about themselves (27%), their relationships with friends and family (19%), their school work (19%), and physical health (14%). 

Course curriculum

    1. Anti-Bullying Defense

    2. Victory Pose

    3. Wonder Woman Pose

    1. Passiva Stance

    2. Palm Strike

    3. Double Palm strike

    4. Elbow

    5. Hammer fist

    6. Knees

    7. Rear Elbows

    8. Groin Strike

    9. Puch Kick

    10. Eye Gouging

    1. Defense from Verbal Abuse, Intimidation and Ground Attacks

    1. 5 Types Of Bullying and What Parents Need To Know

    1. Women's Rape Prevention Seminar +3 Hours

About this course

  • $18.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content
  • Direct access to Nick Drossos for questions or review
  • Certification of completion

Featured In The Program

Christina Theophilos M.Ed

Christina Theophilos M.Ed. is a university lecturer and an expert in the field of behavioural psychology.  She is a speaker and educational consultant on issues such as bullying prevention, classroom management, safe sexual health education, gambling addiction, and mindfulness/meditation. She holds a master’s degree from McGill University in Educational and Counselling Psychology and provides training to educators and health professionals across Canada, Europe, and East Asia. Her focus has been on the prevention of suicide, bullying, and discrimination, which led to the foundation of The Glory of Education. She has partnered with Self-Defence expert, Nick Drossos, to help empower youth to stand up for themselves using their voice, body language, and self-defence tactics. She also gives critical advice for parents and teachers who may need of life-saving tools to help children and teens who are being bullied.

Self-Defense for Kids: Start Training

The Hard Facts:

The number of kids refusing to attend school daily for fear of harassment and bullying exceeds 160,000! 90% of students in grades 4-8 report having experienced bullying, 28% in grades 6-12 and 20% in grades 9-12. What’s more, 70.6% of students report witnessing bullying in their school, and overall, it’s soaring frequency has propagated a dropout rate of over 10%.
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The effects of bullying on our kids is catastrophic.

Furthermore, it’s boundless and pervasive. This type of assault occurs in schools, within the community, and quite tragically, even in homes.


  • Is your Bully Proof program open to any gender?

    Absolutely! My Bully Proof program is inclusive. Any child becomes a target for bullying when they are both unprepared and unaware.  I often incorporate unique scenarios for boys or girls, but the intelligence and competence to stay safe is the pinnacle goal. My mantra for everyone will always be to train practical applications, indicative of being sharp, quick - prepared. 

  • At what age do children begin your Bully Proof program? 

    Generally, I accept children into my junior self-defense program between the ages of 8-16.  It's significant to note; my program's age-appropriate training exercises indicate thoughtful and meticulous designed practices.  I teach definitive defense strategies that are safe and effective, analogous to a child's emotional development and physical capacities. For instance, the older the child, the more advanced the strategies will be and, subsequently, further challenging.   I highly encourage parents also to trust their instincts and consider their respective children. Analyzing whether they can understand the dominant elements of danger and threat is a smart start.  That said, it's never too early to teach your children the fundamentals of personal safety skills, so when they enter a defensive program, they will feel more empowered and prepared. Receiving consistent safety messages is critical. 

  • How will your Bully Proof program promote mental strength in my child? 

    My specialized program instills copious benefits for children, most notably, heightened confidence and self-discipline - vital skills that will affect many aspects of their lives.  They also discover morality concepts, distinguishing right and wrong in others and themselves - essentially a key focus of self-defense.  Children will learn to be accountable and take full responsibility for their actions; this training from a young age is truly fundamental for a productive and positive life. 

  • How will your Bully Proof program boost physical strength in my child?

    The drills and exercises utilized in my program for children have a colossal impact on their overall muscle growth capacity.  Children will also benefit from enhanced coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, speed, and reactive power. 

  • Does the Bully Proof program offer any educational resources and/or tips for parents? 

    Yes!  Bully Proof includes a 30-minute information session with expert behavioural psychologist Christine Theophilos! Author, university lecturer, renowned speaker, and educational consultant on bullying prevention. I am elated about this exciting collaboration. Her compelling role is to empower youth to stand up for themselves using their voice, body language, and self-defense tactics. She also offers critical advice; life-saving tools for parents and educators to aid bullied teens and children.  Theophilos is an honoured scholar with a master's degree from Mcgill University in Educational and Counselling Psychology; her training for educators and health professionals extends across Canada and nationwide. To discover more, please visit www. the glory of education.com.  Her influential book has become a prominent recommendation, "Preventing Bullying: A Manual for Teachers on Promoting Global Education Harmony," found on https://www.amazon.com/Preventing-Bullying-Teachers-Promoting-Educational-ebook/dp/B08JSN6Q2G.

  • Do you encourage parents to participate in your Bully Proof training program? 

    Yes!  As parents, we instinctively teach children daily to stand up for themselves - most often by encouraging them to use their words and their voice. Participating with them in my Bully Proof program could become an extraordinary experience and the ideal progressive step in empowering them for safety.  Kids will most often feel relaxed and more inclined to open up and communicate honestly, as they have a trusted parent to help them handle their fears along the way. Additionally, the bond which ensues will spawn respect and consideration for one another's feelings, thoughts, and even behaviours. It's a superb way to spend quality time with your child - outside of a hectic schedule.

  • How much time does your Bully Proof program demand per week?

    I recommend defensive training 2-3 times per week.  Bully Proof sessions will last between 15-30 minutes. It’s a segment of time that reaps numerous rewards for a developing child and is potentially life-saving.  Committing to a self-defense program for your child should be a stable and valued decision. Perceiving the merit of this type of training is indispensable, as the benefits are not only seemingly unlimited, but enduring. 

  • Will I need to invest in equipment? 

    No. My Bully Proof program does not necessitate any equipment, although if you would like to incorporate apparatus into your child’s training - feel free!  BOB (Body Opponent Bag) could be valuable for defense training, and a punching bag is beneficial in developing striking power and punching techniques. Rope or tape for footwork may be an asset as well. Take note, youth size apparatus is widely available. It’s imperative to stress that any equipment requires formal training to instil proper and safe techniques.

  • With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), how would my child thrive in your program?

    Living with ADHD myself since childhood, this question holds virtue.  According to the CDC, more than 6.4 million children in the United States, between 4 and 17 have ADHD. Although staying focused creates significant challenges, complex physical activity bolsters neural networks in the brain.  My program consists of integrating mixed practices and styles, along with Krav Maga and substantial reality-based techniques. The martial arts discipline highlights connections between the mind and body, expanding problem-solving skills, patience, and perseverance.  The key takeaway for your child will be increased focus, self-control, and respect - enhancing their overall happiness and well-being. 


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