The Trend In Crime And Violence Against Female Real Estate Agents Is Surmounting!

  • 71% of agents did not attend a safety course, even while in fear of their personal safety!

  • 38% of real estate professionals experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety!

  • 52% of male realtors carry a weapon for self-defense, compared to 57% of female realtors!

  • Pepper spray is the preferred weapon for women (27%). A firearm is the preferred weapon for men (25%)

  • 50% of realtors surveyed meet unknown prospective clients in an office or public location first!

  • 49% of members carried self-defense weapons last year! Learn effective use!


Internationally Renowned - A Leading Self Defense Expert In The Industry!

Nick is distinguished as one of the most prized self-defense experts in the world and founder of Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics System. He combines a plethora of meticulously designed self-defense techniques to educate and empower his pupils. Nick executes high-caliber skills that include awareness training, subjective assessments of violence, weapon defense, stress training, and real-life scenario drills.


Empower Your Realtors With Life Saving Self Defense Skills

The FBI Crime Clock publishes alarming statistics, powerful enough to immobilize those who aren’t primed or equipped. A violent crime happens every 26.3 seconds in the United States – A murder every 36.9 minutes – A rape every 4.5 minutes – A robbery every 1.6 minutes – And an aggravated assault befalls every 42.5 seconds. Would you be ready? The weapon, pepper spray, can produce a tragic effect upon an attacker, making this (non-lethal) method of defense high-caliber. In addition, being doused is torturous for some. Pepper spray aggravates the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Its chemical nature is to induce tears, sting, and blind like it’s the first time. This means you can never build resistance to its adverse effects, even after multiple sprays.



What You Will Learn

  • Threat assessment and management

  • Situational awareness, profiling, body language

  • Verbal defense and setting clear boundaries

  • How to show a home, angles and positioning

  • Common attacks

  • Evade and escape tactics

  • Striking vital targets and fundamentals

  • Tactical weapons training

  • How to use improvised weapons and environment

  • Role-playing, scenario and survival skills


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If you're a female agent who has experienced fear or encountered a potential threat, this course is for you! Build confidence, train awareness, and learn all the physical and cognitive skills you need to avoid, diffuse, and fight off a violent attack!


Self-defense Will Always Be About Survival Of The Most Fit And Ready. "It’s a Raw Necessity" Nick Drossos

  • Awareness:  Alert and readiness for anything, cognitive of surroundings

  • Mental focus: Self-disciplined, goal-oriented mindset, quick decision-making, assertiveness

  • Warrior Spirit:  Preparation for battle and survival, grit and courage 

  • Protection:  Disable, protect and escape an attack

  • Fighters Reflex: Move quickly and smart in any situation

  • Peace of mind: A calm and confident skillset

  • Team building: Affinity with peers and colleagues 

  • Fighters Reflex:  Movement, instinctual reactions, and reflexes

  • Emotional Control: Recognize, and manage everyday fear, grace, and poise under pressure

  • Dignity: Trust and respect for oneself

Female Realtor Safety Tips: The Need for Self-Defence is Dire

Identify Potential Dangers

Situational awareness, of course, hits the list. It’s all about having that heightened vigilance of one’s scenery and surroundings. It’s critical to assess whether anything seems off or suspect. For example, upon reaching the driveway of your open house, be sure you can exit the space without being blocked, and always park in a visible, well-lit area. Your attacker does not want to be seen by you or anyone else.


We've Enhanced Your Learning Experience With Premium Extras!

  • Private Realtor Community Chat

    An excellent way to connect with other realtors, network, ask questions, and share experiences!

  • Direct Contact with Nick Drossos

    Upon signing up to the Realtor Safety Training seminar, you immediately gain direct access to connect with Nick Drossos. It's an exclusive and expert platform for questions, concerns, and reviews after your seminar.

  • Bonus Video

    Included is our Realtor Safety Online training course valued at 47$

Nick Drossos Has Spent Months Pressure Training And Testing To Create The Complete Realtor Safety Training Seminar

This seminar is built on real-world encounters that transpire within the industry. The advantages and disadvantages of small spaces, being alone, improvised weapons and more!


Scenario Training


Everything You Need To Know Before You Start!

  • Is This Course For Real Estate Agents Only?

    Yes! This seminar is a reality based self defense training for realtors. The entire course covers scenarios that realtors are more likely to encounter, taking the environment and the different types of attacks.

  • Is This Course For Females Only?

    Based on the NRA, women are more often concerned and fearful than men in being a victim. So even if the lessons covered are female based, the same principles can apply for men.

  • I Am a Complete Beginner And Have No Experience Is Self Defense, Is This Course For Me?

    Yes! this seminar is for beginners and all levels. There are no fancy technics or memorized complex movements.

  • How Do I Know That These Technics Are Going To Save My Life?

    Nick Drossos, has been teaching self defense for over +20 years, from law enforcement to civilians. When is comes to self defense there are no guarantees, since there are too many variables, however the concepts and survival strategies have been pressure trained and tested and will enhance your chances of survival, that is Nick Drossos 100% Guarantee!

  • What Will I Learn?

    This course encompasses, everything from situational awareness, verbal defense, tactical weapons, striking fundamentals, to scenario training! This is the complete seminar that can and will save your life!

  • What self defense style will I learn?

    Nick Drossos, is the leading expert and the most sought out self defense coach in the world. Combing various self defense including Krav Maga and many martial arts style to create a system that can be applied by anyone and in moments of learning. His technics have been applied by Law enforcement, security to civilians.

  • Can I Host A Seminar?

    Definitely, to host a seminar or for more questions or details contact [email protected]. to set up a zoom call.

  • Do I Need A Location Or Equipment To Host Or Attend This Seminar?

    Location can be provided by host or at one of our training facility's, as for equipment its always provided by Nick Drossos.

  • Can This Seminar Be Taught On Zoom?

    Yes! We have taught several seminars all around the world with Zoom. Contact [email protected] to set up a call for more details!

Female Realtor Weapons: Will You Be Packing?

What’s Lethal Lethal weapons inflict intense bodily harm or kill. They include concealed weapons, knives, or other stabbing devices. So again, being able to determine if you can shoot a gun, understand the mechanics of retrieving it, and effectively use it against your attacker is something you will assess, practice, and learn with self-defense training for realtors. It’s imperative to be 100% prepared to shoot someone. And the same goes for using edged weapons. Penetrating another human with a blade or other puncturing weapon is a fierce experience. It’s visceral, raw, and personal. So under any duress, when you are being grabbed, punched, or kicked, you should be honest and logical about what you can execute.


Online Training


Owner: Royal LePage Du Cartier

Yasmine Mardelli

I held a self defense seminar for my realtors a couple of months ago. It was so enlightening to see how important it is for people in the field to know how to protect themselves from potential threats when going into peoples homes. Nick was amazing! He showed us a bunch of techniques how to get away from bad situations. The group was so thankful to Nick and his team and we can’t wait to have them do another seminar for us.


Zoom Self Defense Training!

This 2 hour seminar covers the most prevalent concerns and questions realtors have. This valuable, expert session is offered in person or through zoom!

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