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  • REAL time one-on-one personal coaching sessions 

  • A comprehensive, customized program exclusive to you

  • Absolute flexibility - The fitness you need, when you need it 

  • No gym or equipment required - Just the fortitude to begin 

  • Diverse programs taught with infinite expertise

  • A steadfast analysis of your fitness level and capacities - Safety is paramount 

  • Unwavering motivation - Inspiring and propelling you to achieve your fitness goals

  • A virtual experience that is dynamic and empowering

Private Coaching

This coaching program is a game changer! Train privately with Nick Drossos, as he mentors, and guides you to reach your highest potential in your mental and physical health!

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About this course

  • $220.00
  • 2 lessons
  • Bonus: 3 FREE Months in our Spartan Training camp
  • Access to our community
  • Personalized self defense program by Nick Drossos

My Personal Journey!

At 46, I am in the peak shape of my life - physically and mentally. When asked how I have achieved this pinnacle of optimal health, I am passionate and bold in my response. It’s a lifestyle that requires a commitment to honoring oneself - one day at a time. Sustaining motivation and discipline is the ultimate drive once you define your purpose, your goal, your game plan. Undeniably - it’s demanding but simultaneously exhilarating! I look forward to extending my philosophies on health, vitality, and strength with you - precipitating your fitness and tenacity to become a top priority, making your journey both gratifying and quite phenomenal!

Nick Drossos Defined:

  • International, prized self-defense expert 

  • Honoured for his reality based defensive stratagems, fitness intelligence and raw life experience 

  • Internationally coveted by police and military personnel for his high caliber skills 

  • Over 25  years of training  in Sil Lum Hung Gar Kung-Fu, Taekwon-Do, Boxing, Thai- Boxing, MMA and  Krav Maga

  • Certifications Incl: Can fit Pro, TRX, Yoga Fit, Fitness Kickboxing Canada, Kettlebell Academy, and Krav Maga.

  • Elite fitness coach - Distinctions include famed athletes, and celebrity clientele

  • Epitomizes systems for breeding empowerment in everyone

  • Conceived and produced: Training Hero Program, Hero Training Camp, Women’s Shield Program, Large Attacker Defense, Bully-Proof, in addition to his revered Tactical Self-Defense System and Instructor Course

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Krav Maga Training

Celebrity Training

Sugar Sammy

Samir Khullar, better known as Sugar Sammy, is an idolized Canadian comedian, actor, and writer who has allied with personal coach Nick Drossos for over seven years. A knockout combination of strength training, self-defense, and boxing has empowered him to be a stellar version of himself, equally in and out of the limelight.

Weight Loss Program

Anne Pennino Lost Over 80 Pounds!

Meet Anne Pennino: This mother of two and entrepreneur is an example of striking achievement. Her success affirms how goals are attainable with the right guidance. Adhering to a potent strength training regime, boxing, and a holistic nutrition program with Nick Drossos, Anne took control of her long term health. Having mastered accountability and fortitude through his skilled fitness intelligence and instinctual gift to motivate, Anne is armed and ready for whatever challenges await her. 


Fit Over 40!

Meet Perry Kalantzis: Following numerous years of a sedentary lifestyle, he reconnected with his personal ambitions and sought out the familiar, and trusted expertise of Nick Drossos. With a new energy and devotion to stay committed, Perry accomplished a metamorphic transformation, with Nick’s dynamic coaching. The results are compelling, meriting absolute triumph! 

 Kids Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying Practices: 

Physical and mental safeguarding to self-empower!

Meet Laurence: This fierce ten-year-old has earned her fame by participating in virtual self-defense sessions with Nick Drossos. Partnering with her father triggered a non-fear based experience from the onset, creating a safe zone for Laurence to hone in on Nick’s lessons. The trusted rapport and harmonic relationships with both kids and parents have established Nick as an exemplary coach, capable of thoughtful and practical discipline leading to empowerment. 

Mind Set Coaching:

Actualizing Bold Goals! ‘Peaking’ at 65!

Meet Ken Fisher: Now synonymous with herculean vigor, courage, and incredulous discipline, following his tenacious one-on-one coaching sessions with Nick Drossos lasting nine months. Ironclad training and scrupulous preparedness instilling meticulous focus generated his most impressive accomplishment. Ken conquered Mount Kilimanjaro. Bravo, Ken, on your tremendous feat!  (Video testimonial below!)
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Self-Defense Training:

Weapon training and analysis!

Meet Bobby Lashley: Proprietor of Lashley Training Center in Ohio. This BJJ Master trains virtually with Nick Drossos integrating weapons into their session. Self-defense techniques, fused with weapon practice, creates a bold learning platform. Strategies and isolated drills without perimeters make this session one of Nick Drosso's most demanding and venerated enterprises to date. 

HIIT Workouts: 

No excuses - your health demands it!

Meet Dallel: Both a mom and physician, she grasps the value and magnitude of self-care. Her sessions have sanctioned a level of accountability that is vital in persevering her fitness goals. Nick Drossos has been a valuable mentor and educator in her achievements. His optimism and incentives have forged a path for her to bravely commit to a physical routine each day that keeps her mind and body in solid shape. 

Business and Enterprise Coaching:

Instilling the resolve to start your own fitness business or martial school! 

Meet Yoost Raaijmaaker: A force to be reckoned with and the man behind Level Up Martial Arts. A fit mind and body instills a prowess for greatness, and when combined with an intense determination and a defined goal - virtually anything is possible. With singular leadership and direction from coach Nick Drossos, he initiated a game plan to open his own business, and united, forged a path to Yoost's success. Today, his Tik-Tok account boasts over one million followers. Mastering Nick's systems and approaches has generated a mindset that will only continue to propel him to immense heights.  (Video testimonial below!)
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A Personal Coach is a Game Changer

The Benefits:

  • Designs a fitness experience made entirely for you, securing your goals are attainable

  • Ensures your program aligns with your training aspirations 

  • Motivates you, pushes you, inspires you to crush your goals one session at a time

  • Produces momentum and fervour to help you elevate your game: Physically, mentally, spiritually

  • Empowers you to be accountable: The greater the culpability, the more pivotal the success

  • Instills a mindset that advocates consistency and responsibility for your fitness plan and overall health

  • Develops a trustworthy rapport to communicate all aspects of your training experience

  • Executes the most effective stratagems for your success with an unshakable commitment and passion

  • Is certified, qualified, and vigorous in imparting their fitness intelligence and philosophies

Begin your journey today with one of the top coaches in the world!


  • On which platform will you conduct your private, one-on-one coaching? 

    Upon booking your first session, you will receive an email acquainting you with the various platforms available for my expansive, private coaching.  Options include Facebook, Zoom, facetime, etc. The choice is yours!

  • Can I pay per session? 

    Yes!  We understand the freedom of not having a contract.  However, for those who prefer to plan ahead, multiple sessions are a recommended option. How you commit is entirely up to you! Bonus: With the purchase of only one private personal session, you receive 3 ‘Get Fit With Nick’ premium home training videos with lifetime access! 

  • Do you offer specialized group rates? 

    Yes, absolutely! Many clients love the experience of training with friends worldwide on platforms like Zoom. The practice has merited tremendous success in both popularity and demand.  If you intend to work out as a family, a privileged rate is also applied. 

  • How will we correspond after purchasing sessions for your one-on-one coaching?

    Following the purchase of any Session, you will receive an email within 24 hours to book your one-on-one coaching with me.

  • Is there an evaluation process?

    We do request the completion of a confidential questionnaire prior to your first session.  It’s imperative I communicate with my clients about their unique health and fitness goals and, naturally, their challenges - medical issues, injuries, or other risk factors.   I necessitate my programs not only be effective but safe. Caring about my clients is my pledge.  Also note, an evaluation is invaluable in terms of client assessment. It’s a consultation of sorts that should be as specific and honest as possible - permitting me to customize assd training plan indicative of your needs, as well as ambitions.

  • Is each session precisely shaped for me?

    Yes, of course! Virtual, one-on-one training, promising a distinctly unique session for you is the entire premise of my coaching program.  Your goals, fitness levels, lifestyle, nutritional habits, along with your medical history, will conceive your customized fitness plan.

  • How many sessions do you advocate weekly for optimal results?

    I encourage sessions at least once per week, although it's entirely dependent on your aspirations and prime target.  I offer an elite spectrum of training programs, and your unique selection will often dictate the number of sessions you purchase weekly.    For instance, one session a week is potent for self-defense training for adults or anti-bully training for children. Diversely, weight loss or strength training may prompt you to participate in an increased number of sessions per week.  In essence - you set not only your pace but your demand. It’s your personal assertion! 

  • Am I limited to one type of program?

    No!  Your sessions may be as diverse as your personality! You may choose to participate in mindset coaching in one session or strength training and conditioning in another.  What will remain constant, is the personalized training program you will receive through adaptive and highly flexible approaches to your increased well being and health.

  • Do you train one-on-one with children? 

    Yes! I am an influential advocate of anti-bullying training for children and steadfast in acting as a guiding force. In harmonizing education and motivation, my critical aim is to make children feel safe, empowered and in control.  I have earned a trustworthy rapport with my students and their parents; my approach is thoughtful and specific in practice through a genuine assessment of a child's physical and mental development.  As a dad myself, inspiration, and guidance are instinctual. 

Recognized in a vast spectrum of media sources!

Nick has been featured in Men’s Health, Authority, GTI Magazine, and ‘Read this If You Want To Be YouTube Famous’ and countless others. Accolades also include appearances on City TV, TVBS National, Todd Shapiro, and Breakfast Television.


What People Are Saying About Training OnLine with Nick Drossos

Knife Defense Training

David Lashley

“Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have study/trained in. It is practical and deals with real world self defense. He covers all ranges of fighting from empty hand, to ground, to weapons. There are not many system where you can experience this full spectrum of training.” - Bailiff(Director of Security)Common Pleas Court   Instructor at Lashley Training Center

“Have The Balls To Talk About It”

The #1 talk show, baring men’s issues!

This Nick Drossos production featured on YouTube reveals Nick unarmed, as he explores some candid men’s health topics with bold humor, along with co-host Dr. Andrew Steinberg. Have The Balls to Talk About It is bravely comical, as guest cameos create a perfect rhythm of expertise and punch. The spontaneous and lively forum gets to the crux of men’s health issues, with a vast range of charismatic personalities, exposing a gamut of opinions with unpredictable authenticity. The segment is packed with wit and whim and has instantaneously become the talk show, to talk about!

Client Reviews

Coaching Program

5 star rating

Amazing results achieved very quickly

Mitchell Strohminger

I signed up to the 90 Day coaching program and it was the best decision! I have lost weight (about 10 kg of fat so far) and become much stronger, especially...

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I signed up to the 90 Day coaching program and it was the best decision! I have lost weight (about 10 kg of fat so far) and become much stronger, especially with respect to my core muscles. My energy levels are noticeably higher and I feel fantastic. I also have learned how to box, with some self-defence items thrown in for good measure, which has helped increase my confidence and my situational awareness. Nick works with you, he knows your limitations after the first sessions. He then tailor makes the programme so that you see results fast, while making sure you don’t push yourself too hard and get injured. I would highly recommend his private coaching sessions, Nick is an inspiring, motivational and very experienced. Thanks to Nick I feel like I’m in my 20s even though I’m in my 40s. -Mitch S.

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5 star rating

Great Self-Defense Program for Kids

Gerry Dorvius

My 6-year-old daughter and I signed up to the 90 Day Conquer Program. She was able to learn different self-defense techniques, work on her conditioning and...

Read More

My 6-year-old daughter and I signed up to the 90 Day Conquer Program. She was able to learn different self-defense techniques, work on her conditioning and gain lots of confidence, while getting some personal training for me and learning self defense. Nick’s step by step teaching approach and motivational skills fast tracked her progression. I definitely recommend the program. Keep up the Good work Nick! Gerry Dorvius

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5 star rating

Love this coaching program!

Daniel Dawaf

Nick is always super attentive to detail! We're always able to focus on my technique and what I should practice, while getting in shape and helping with buil...

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Nick is always super attentive to detail! We're always able to focus on my technique and what I should practice, while getting in shape and helping with building the right mind set in and out of the ring.

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star rating

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