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Basic Knife Defense

Level 1 Instructor Course

All the way from Los Angeles!

No pre-recorded videos or lessons, the experience is live and in real time!

Kellie from The Graceful Warrior Project, training her ground defense.

Benefits of Virtual Training

Don't miss out cause you can't travel to get certified and teach!

  • Become a certified Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics Instructor in your country

  • Save on traveling and accommodation fees.

  • Train from everywhere and anywhere around the globe.

  • Train with other Instructors around the world.

  • Learn first hand and live with Nick Drossos

  • Empower your community and build a business.

  • Be part of the leading self defense team in the world.

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Pressure Training and Alive Drills


What you need to know about our virtual option!

  • How does live from virtual change the experience?

    Live is for sure is a great option, but the virtual training has proven to be just as effective. As we recommend for a training partner to be live with you, we also have a team and attacker live as Nick Drossos teaches the entire time, and does the breakdowns of each lesson and chapter.

  • What criteria's are necessary for any virtual course?

    The process, is exactly the same, the only thing that changes is the virtual experience.

  • What courses can be taken virtually?

    Level 1 and 2 can be taken virtually as for the Agoge Camp that must be done live.

  • Can I do this course privately?

    Yes! we offer all our courses privately online as well. This can make it easier for scheduling, as well have all the focus and attention solely on you and your training.

  • Do I need a training partner?

    Yes! we highly recommend a training partner where you may be able to practice the drills and exercises.

  • How do I get my start up kit?

    Once you have been accepted in the program, all the info will be sent be email, and all the physical products, by mail at our cost.

  • What platform do we use for the course?

    We use zoom, since it has been proven to be the best for longer events.

  • Do I get a discount on the virtual courses?

    Yes! We offer a 10% discount on the virtual courses.

  • Do I still get certification?

    Yes your certification will be sent by email, after the exam has been completed and passed.

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N.D.D.T Certificate

Continuing education is the key to growth and constant improvement. Having this certificate up, shows your level of commitment to constantly learning and challenging yourself, to improve your self defense training and provide the best and most recent technics.

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