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Course curriculum

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  • 1


  • 2

    Level 1 | Beginners

    • Awareness and Safety Tips Series (ATM)

    • Bus Stop

    • Elevator

    • Followed by car

    • Home invasion

    • Indoor parking lot

    • Kidnapping defense

    • Outdoor parking lot

    • Mugging scenario

    • Followed by foot (Stalked)

    • Home stare case

  • 3

    Combat Conditioning (Beginners)

    • TRX core training

    • Reflex ball coordination

    • Balance with pods

    • Balance with Swiss ball

    • Endurance battling ropes

    • Explosive kicks

    • Explosive knees

    • Explosive hip power

    • Explosive power sledge hammer

    • Footwork agility latter

    • Grip strengthening

    • Developing Punching power

  • 4

    Women's Striking Fundamentals

    • Fore arm strike

    • Eye gouging

    • Push kick

    • Throat strike

    • Hammer fist

    • Palm strike

    • Double palm strike

    • Knee strikes

    • Rear elbow

    • Groin Kick

  • 5

    Women's Real World Scenario Training

    • Wrist grab

    • Take down

    • Sucker punch

    • Kidnapping

    • Hair pull

    • Ground fighting

    • Rape prevention

    • Rear choke

    • Stalked by foot

    • Bear hug

  • 6

    Get Fit with Nick (20 - 30 min) Combat Conditioning Home Workouts

    • Week 1 - Full body core

    • Week 2 - Bodyweight

    • Week 3 - Weight and medicine ball

    • Week 4 - Medicine ball

    • Week 5 - Weights

    • Week 6 - Self defense and weights intervals

    • Week 7 - Self defense and kettlebells

    • Week 8 - Self defense kicks and kettlebells

    • Week 9 - Ground defense and Kettlebells

    • Week 10 - Self Defense and balance training

  • 7

    Super Kid (Anti Bullying Program)

    • Super Kid Program Kids (6-12) 30Min

    • Victory Pose

    • Soldier Pose

  • 8

    Fight Analysis (Real life attacks broken down)

    • Eye gouging and attacking the face

    • Defense against a larger women

    • Defense in a riot attack (Shopping mall)

    • Defense from a hammer attack

    • Defense from a takedown

    • Brutal knife attack (Multiple attackers)

    • Ice pick knife attack

    • Close quarter sucker punch (Correctional officer)

    • Bar fight attack

    • Elevator attack

    • Hair pulling and tossing attack

    • Stomp defense from multiple attackers

    • Wild punches street fight school attack

    • Lapel and choke escapes

    • Armed robbery (Gun defense)

    • How to break up a fight (Class room school fight with teacher)

    • Mugging and robbing startegies

    • Multiple attackers strategies

    • Brutal bat attack

    • Multiple attackers in a brutal bus attack

    • Gun defense in a bar

    • Beer bottle attack to the head

    • How to K.O a much larger attacker

    • How to use a belt in a street fight

    • Brutal knife attack in subway (How to use an umbrella)

    • Self defense tips before going to the club

    • Safety tips in mass shootings

    • Security stabbing outside night club

    • Reality of ground fighting

    • Comedian attacked on stage (long range weapon defense)

  • 9

    Weapons Defense Series

    • Defense in a riot with multiple attackers and weapons

    • Defense from a machete

    • Defense from an acid attack

    • Defense from an Exacto

    • Defense from a short bat

    • Defense from a beer bottle

    • Defense from a golf club

    • Defense from a 2 by 4

    • Defense from 2 knives attack

  • 10

    Tactical Weapons Series

    • Tactical flashlight

    • Tactical Pen

    • Tactical whip

    • How to fight with a kubotan

    • How to fight with a belt

    • How to use an extendable baton

  • 11

    Basic Knife Defense for Beginners

    • Dynamic Defense

    • Pump and Grab Defense

    • Improvised weapons

    • Static Defense

  • 12

    Multiple Attacker Survival Training

    • 2 on 1 Multiple attackers strategy and concept

    • How to shield from multiple attackers

    • Sucker punch drill with multiple attackers

    • 2 on 1 Bear hug defense

    • 3 on 1 Defense tactics

    • Multiple attackers stomped defense

    • 2 on 1 Shield on the ground concept

  • 13

    Bob Dummy Workout Training Series

    • 10 Min Bob Dummy Gross Motor Striking

    • 10 Min Bob Dummy Natural stance Striking

    • 10 Min Bob Dummy Close Quarter Striking

    • 10 Min Bob Dummy Street Kicks

    • 10 Min Bob Dummy Ground Fighting

    • 10 Min Bob Dummy Blocking and Countering

  • 14

    Defense from a Much Larger Attacker (6'6 Moose 315LBS)

    • Primary Targets and striking Fundamentals

    • Ego and verbal defense

    • Two arm lapel defense

    • One arm lapel defense

    • Sucker Punch Defense

    • Wild punches defense and head movement

    • Rear bear hug awareness and defense

    • Front choke pinned on wall

    • Defense from a football tackle

  • 15

    Ground Fighting

    • Fighting off the ground

    • How to mount an attacker in the street

    • Defense from a mount position

    • Escape from a head lock on the ground

    • Escape from Rear Naked Choke on the ground

    • Rape prevention (Man on top)

    • Rape prevention (Women on her stomack and man on top hands pinned to the ground)

  • 16

    Knife Defense Theory, Strategies and Survival Concepts

    • Knife Defense Awareness

    • Static Knife Defense

    • Dynamic Knife Defense

    • Lead Hand Attack

    • Ice Pick Grip Attack

    • Ground Fighting Attacker Standing

    • Ground Fighting Fundamentals

    • Multiple Attackers Stretegie

    • Pinned on the Wall Defense

    • How to Protect Someone Getting Stabbed

    • 3 Type of Improvised Weapons

    • Knife Striking Fundamentals

  • 17

    Level 2 | Intermediate

    • Combat Conditioning Power Grip Training

    • Explosive Punching Power

    • Explosive Body Training

    • Core Wheel

    • Core Training (Russian Twist)

    • Finger Conditioning

    • Reflexive Reaction Training

    • KettleBell Swing

    • Kettlebell Deadlift

    • Kettlebell Clean and Press

    • Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up

    • Kettlebell Clean and Press

  • 18

    Knife Defense Pressure Training and Alive Drills

    • Situational Awarness

    • Angles of Attack Drill

    • Static Knife Drill

    • Close Quarter Tire Drill

    • Close Quater Knife To Throat Drill

    • Counter Attack Drill

    • Clinching Concealed Attack Drill

    • Dynamic Attack Drill

    • Flowing Drill

    • Ground Fighting Drill - Attacker Standing

    • Pinned on Wall Drill

    • Improvised Weapons Survival - Evade and Escape Drill

    • Multiple Attacker Survival Drill

    • Chess Drill

  • 19

    Home Invasion Safety

    • How To Safe Your Home

  • 20

    Improvised Weapons Training

    • Umbrella

  • 21

    Gun Defense

    • Static Gun Defense

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Join the community of heroes, who want to take control of their fears and empower themselves through self defense. Learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones in the face of danger.

  • Weekly live group training with Nick Drossos and other students around the world.

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Joe Riley

What will you learn?

Join today and have access to real and practical self defense. The Hero Training Camp, has self defense content for the entire family! No fancy moves or gimmicks that don't work in high stress situations, join the program and learn real life self defense survival concepts and strategies, to keep yourself and loved ones safe. This program is for all levels, and based on the Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics principle, proven and pressure tested to tighten your chances of survival in a real life attack!

  • Monthly focused live group training with Nick Drossos.

  • Awareness and Safety Training

  • Combat Conditioning

  • Women's Self Defense

  • Super Kid (Anti Bullying Program)

  • Get Fit With Nick

  • Weapon Defense Training

  • Ground Fighting defense

  • Tactical weapons series

  • Multiple Attackers Defense

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Tom Stewart


According to the FBI and the U.S Department of Justice; 

  • One property crime occurs every 4 seconds.

  • One aggravated assault occurs every 45 seconds.

  • One robbery occurs every 90 seconds

  • One rape or attempted rape occurs every 5 minutes.

Price Options

Join the Hero Training Camp for 19.97$ a month, cancel anytime or get 12 months and save -20% on the entire program!

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The effects of bullying on our kids is catastrophic.

According to the Center for Disease Control, students who experience bullying are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, lower academic achievement, and dropping out of school. 

  • 90% of students, grades 4-8 report have experienced bullying. 

  • 28% of students, grades 6-12 experience bullying, and 20%, grades 9-12.

  • The number of kids refusing to attend school each day for fear of harassment and bullying exceeds 160,000. 

  • 70.6% of students report, witnessing bullying in their school. 

  • Frequent bullying has propagated a dropout rate of over 10%.

  • Nearly 75% of school shootings have been analogous to harassment and bullying.

  • * 87% of students surveyed report that bullying is the primary motivator of school shootings and lethal violence.

  • According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, bullied students indicate that bullying impairs how they feel about themselves (27%), their relationships with friends and family (19%), their school work (19%), and physical health (14%). 


As Seen On

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The number of aggravated assaults in the United States in 2019, according to Statista

Aggravated assaults are defined as intended action to cause severe bodily harm to someone.

  • Other weapons: 200,826 assaults

  • Firearm: 186,078 assaults (Included: Rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and pistols)

  • Personal weapons: 169,384 assaults 

  • Knife or cutting instrument: 117,854 assaults

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Effie Giannou

Women's Self Defense

Violence against women is a global problem!

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 1 in 3 women (35 %) worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by any perpetrator in their lifetime.

  • ntimate partner violence is the most common form of assaut, with 30 % of women in a relationship reporting they have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence by their partner; 137 women are killed by a member of their family every day. 

  • Adult women account for nearly half, 49% of all human trafficking victims detected globally.

  • * Adult women account for nearly half, 49% of all human trafficking victims detected globally.

  • The COVID 19 pandemic; restricted movement, social isolation, and economic insecurity have significantly increased women’s vulnerability to violence in the home worldwide. Calls to helplines have increased fivefold. 

Weapons Training

Chances your attacker will be bigger, stronger, with friends and proabbly ARMED

Join the program and get access to the latest weapons training defense. From bat, knife to gun, The Hero Program covers all the self defense topics, that you need to successfully defense yourself.

Women’s Self Defense

Chances are he will be bigger and stronger but that only means you will have to be more vicious and ferocious in your attack

The Hero Program encompasses women's self defense as well. We have specific programs and topics for women only, as well post new videos uploaded regularly.

Combat Conditioning

Build Your Engine

Conditioning is your engine and a very important part of learning self defense. As soon as you sign up you will get access to 12 combat conditioning videos, that you can do from home, as well new uploads with advanced series.

Get Fit with Nick

Learn Self defense and Get in top shape while doing it with Nick Drossos HIIT workouts

Nick Drossos has been a strength training coach for over 20 years. Get Fit with Nick is a series of 10 videos from 20-30 min home workouts, combining weight, kettlebells, medicine ball and self defense movements. Sign up and get immediate access to all The Get Fit with Nick.

Super Kid

Want to end bullying? Teach kids to stand up for themselves and build there confidence through self defense training

The Hero Program is for the entire Familly, inlaced are lessons from our Super Kid program. This series, are lessons you can participate with your kids training from home.

Fight Analysis

Learn Self defense through actual real life attacks

This is one of my favourite series. I break down actual attacks everything from men to women armed and unarmed and teach the best survival skills to defend yourself.

Awareness and Safety Training

The most neglected and under valued part of self defense but the one that will make the most difference in your chances of survival

Before you learn how to throw a great strike or fight off an attacker, learn to know how to detect, avoid and be pro active and prepared. This series does exactly that, train your radar, and instincts to make yourself a hard target.

Defense From a Much Larger Attacker

When faced with the big man, you have to outsmart him before you make a move

Included in The Hero Camp are defense lessons against a much larger attacker. We got Moose (6'6 315LBS) going toe to toe with me, as I teach the vicious strikes and mind set you need to take out the big guy.

It's Never a FAIR FIGHT

Setting up that first strike is primal

This program can never be complete without addressing the Multiple Attacker Factor. Street fight or attacks are never fair, so in our Multiple Attacker series we cover how to set up, stack and take out or survive a multiple threat.

Tactical Weapons Training

In the street anything goes

In this series I teach how to use the most common Tactical weapons in the industry as well your environment and improvised weapons. Reality when your life is at stake, you need to do what ever it takes to get you home to your loves ones safe and sound.


  • Can I learn self-defense by watching your videos?

    Absolutely! The skills and techniques can be trained from home by oneself, or practised with a training partner. Our lessons encompass awareness, verbal defense, and are reality based.  What’s more, as confirmed by rewarding feedback and testimonials, opting to ‘watch’ yet not participate in the video, also influenced positive results. They specified being able to remember key points which, when they needed when they were in a real assault situation saved their lives.   This is what I call the VIP question.  Virtual trust seems to be what we as a society have been relying on daily, through this pandemic.   Improvising how we can maintain a true connection with our members - has become a challenging, yet exciting norm. Our videos have been quite a successful approach! 

  • How many group classes a week are included?

    There is one live zoom group session, every Thursday at 12:30 pm EST, that is part of the Hero Training Camp.

  • Is previous Martial Arts training essential?

    My training camp encourages participants of all capacities! The Hero Training Camp is deigned to take you through your self defense journey, from a beginner to an expert. Real-world, violent attacks make everyone susceptible as they occur in uncontrolled environments and are seemingly spontaneous. Training and practice in the camp extends well beyond hand to hand combat ability without diminishing any existing practice value; including violence detection, de-escalation, multiple attackers and weapons training. The crux, empowerment derives at all levels.

  • Who is the Hero Camp designed and executed for?

    The Hero Training Camp  was fundamentally created and conceived for the entire family.  There are videos of practices and drills precisely developed for men, women and children - independently and collectively. It’s designed to get everyone involved in participation in the training and the power of self development through self defense. 

  • What is included in The Hero Training Camp videos?

    You instantly connect to a network of over 80 Hero Training Camp videos!  You can look forward to a new video released every five days! This period grants you ample time to train and practice between each one.  Furthermore, new and exclusive videos related to all types of self-defense, and combat conditioning training are unlocked weekly. With new series added monthly.

  • What guarantee do I have that the self defense techniques defining your Hero Training Camp will ‘work’ in real life?

    There is no single system or instructor able to offer any guarantee against attacks; even a professional fighter or trainer is conclusively safeguarded. It's pivotal to recognize this - there are absolutely no exceptions. I train concepts and strategies for survival, devised from real-life experience in which fighting is not a sport. There is no consent, reason, and for the most part - readiness. Self-defence will always epitomize safeguarding from attackers, evading dangerous situations - ultimately leading to empowerment. It teaches critical thinking, objectivity, and insight into the nuances of an assaulter. By exercising and training for the physical battle, in turn, your mind will develop the resilience to be proactive vs. reactive, an invaluable skill. Mental toughness is the brain's formidable power, contributing to peak performance and alertness in the face of danger. My self-defense represents acquiring genuine grit as it prepares you for unanticipated plights. Our basic human needs demand that we feel a sense of security in our everyday lives; if not, it's critical to take action. That emphasized, the confidence and tenacity developed with my self-defense training will have a dynamic effect on your life. Now that is sure-fire!

  • How do I join the private Facebook and community group? 

    Once a valued member of my Hero Training Camp, you will receive an email from the new and exclusive Facebook group, welcoming you to the program. The Facebook Hero Training Camp platform boasts a live chat group, privileged to members only. Post pictures, videos, and even chat with other heroes about your progress.

  • Can I make special requests for videos? 

    One of the benefits of joining the program is becoming part of the group and having access to Nick Drossos.  We encourage you to access the community chat if you have a request or series you would like considered for a future video. You may also connect with him here.  You also offer courses, are they included in the Hero Training Camp? The courses are not included, although lessons  from the Hero Program, Larger Attacker and Bully Proof, are included in The Training Camp. 

  • Can I cancel anytime? 

    Yes!  You can cancel anytime, as there is no contract or hidden fees. However, if you buy the entire program for the year, there is no refund after purchase. 

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Jimmy Hump


Empowering Men and Women Around The World Through Self Defense!

Alexander Kasaty

Knife Defense Awareness

Dear  Nick, this is Alex here. I wanted to thank you for your lessons. I watch your videos closely and let me tell you this quick story that happened yesterday. London is Europe's city with the most deaths from stabbings  -unfortunately. Lived there close to 10yrs, I moved to this small uni city (1/4 students here👋) in Germany and yesterday, some guy 'invited' me to fight in the street (the high street over here, actually - in broad daylight). I wasn't aware enough to recognize my ego and I let him provoke me and I provoked him, too (stupid, I acknowledge). I called the cops and when I saw from maybe 50 ft distance that he was leaving the area, I asked him to stay, which of course escalated things - next thing I know, he charges towards me and I see a knife in his hand. I shouted "What's that in your hand" as bystanders, random people were starting to pay attention.. in this pivotal moment, my mind was FLUSHED with images and info from your videos, Nick. I saw as he was charging towards me how this knife could be parried and trapped and I saw my hands doing that and also your face and body doing it - nevertheless, I kicked his lower arm in this moment which was at head height and many bystanders grabbed him and held him back, 'advising' me to get the f out ;) So I did that and feel grateful for your knowledge that you shared.  Thanking you kindly, Alex

Security Training

David Lashley

“Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have study/trained in. It is practical and deals with real world self defense. He covers all ranges of fighting from empty hand, to ground, to weapons. There are not many system where you can experience this full spectrum of training.” - Bailiff(Director of Security)Common Pleas Court   Instructor at Lashley Training Center

Women Fighting Back

Lori B.

In July I was at a small birthday gathering for a dear friend.  She shared a birthday with a male friend of hers. They celebrated their birthday together. He got wasted! The next thing I knew, he's got me in a head lock and then flings me backwards still in this position on the couch, backwards!! My intuition led me to you videos just weeks before this happened and I learned how to protect myself and I remembered & my chin down and moved his arm away from my throat. I miraculously survived without a scratch. You were my guardian angel . Thank you for helping so many people and myself with your videos. You make a HUGE difference.  Bless you, Lori B.

Inspiring Instructors


Hey Nick, I wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Grace and I'm a Self-Defense Instructor from Louisiana, USA. I was sexually assaulted on my 18th Birthday. I'm 30 now. But once I decovered you and your videos, I decided to get the training I needed and to become a Self-Defense Instructor. You are truly my biggest inspiration! I love the way you teach and how you teach! You gave me so much courage and power as a female. And Im so thankful for discovering you. So, my question to you, are you coming to the states anytime soon for a seminar or class in the next couple years? It would be such an honor to learn from you in person! Like I said, I'm from Louisiana and would fly across the US to learn from you. Thank you again for being the amazing teacher and person you are. I hope you have a great day!

Security Training

Thomas L.

am working with Special Operations guys and some of the world’s best instructors of Special Operations for years and I can assure you: Nick Drossos is highly competent in his teachings of realistic hand to hand combat for our daily modern urban environment. Real-life violence in our streets are a cruel and reckless beast, without any rules and order, and the level of violence increases every day ... Nick knows excatly how to teach you to survive this challenge! His fighting-repertoir is „street smart“, he knows what he is talking about, because he has been there... As a a former bouncer he has seen the worst in men, and survived. That is the most crucial aspect when you are looking for an instructor: did he apply what he teaches and did it helped him to survive real-life violence and not just to shine during unrealistic dojo drills. Nick is competent and creative, an vivid and open mind, an instructor with skills and instinct.... and he is a great person! I recommend to anyone who wants to feel safe while walking back home at night to learn from Nick Drossos what it takes to survive the asphalt jungle of our modern streets. - Thomas Lojek

Building Confidence

Kelly L.

Best self defense class ever. So much practice and detailed to real life situations ...Nick Drossos you are truly amazing teacher thank you for building up my confidence and giving me the knowledge I need to be alert and safe! Will definitely want to continue learning ! Thanks to my girls for joining me . Met Great new people as well :)

Mother & Daughter

Anne Marie

My Daughter & I feel that this was the best Sunday afternoon spent. Yesterday this Self Defense Class Empowered us together as women & created a new Bonding experience as Mother/Daughter. For all those who know me understand that this was a huge stepping stool in the right direction to no longer feel like a victim. Please take the time to try this class with Nick Drossos team.

Inspiring Parents


I watched your video first time 2 years ago, I went on to a self defence workshop locally, then trained with you when in Montreal, then went to Hong Kong to learn Wing Chun. All these wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t discover your channel. You made self defence ‘approachable’ if you see what I mean? Your style practical, scientific, and not mysterious. I live in Dublin, you know how it is, I basically use self defence every day. I wish I learn about this in my 20s when I was at risk so many times in parties, touch wood I survived without major sexual assault, there were some minor ones, I wish I knew how to take care of them. You have changed my life and I am starting to teach my son little things too. He is only 4 so I teach him to put his hands up to say no if someone does something he doesn’t like. Start with baby steps. You are the best self defence teacher I have come across. You need to do a book or something.
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Music Producer

Dino from Greece


5 star rating

Hero training camp and Hero program

Gerald Kranis

I’ve taken Krav Maga for five years and bought numerous self defense videos. I’ve stopped watching all of them in favor of Nick’s programs. His ability to br...

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I’ve taken Krav Maga for five years and bought numerous self defense videos. I’ve stopped watching all of them in favor of Nick’s programs. His ability to break down everything to its simplest form and then put it all together makes learning all the information easy. In addition, he teaches for the real world which is totally different from the usual training with its programmed moves. He teaches you how to be aware, when you need to take action and how to take action and take those targets that are available. I’ll be following these programs as long as Nick keeps putting out videos.

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5 star rating

Fantastic course!

Mitchell Strohminger

Hero Training Camp is an amazing, multi-faceted course that focuses on fitness, strength training, situational awareness and self-defence. I especially like ...

Read More

Hero Training Camp is an amazing, multi-faceted course that focuses on fitness, strength training, situational awareness and self-defence. I especially like Nick’s analysis of real world street fights which helps you gain an appreciation of the dangers that these situations present - and how to mitigate said dangers. I look forward to watching the new episodes as they are released. I also like the fact that HTC contains defence tips for women and kids - a great way to ensure the whole family can play it safe and gain confidence. Self-defence is not just for MMA types, but everyone. Keep up the great work! Mitch S., Saint-Laurent QC

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Coming soon!

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