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The Global Rise Of Knife Crime: Knife fights are perpetual - relentless.

Knife Assaults - The Symbolism: "Anytime somebody commits a murder or assault, either by choking, stabbing or making bodily contact, it always speaks to a level of rage and perhaps a personal connection to the victim that shooting with a gun does not," said Naftali Berrill, a forensic psychologist in New York City. "When you are stabbing someone, it's close and in your face. The experience is more visceral and more graphic, more provocative. It speaks emotionality, whether rage or paranoia." United Kingdom: Office for National Statistics: Crime in England and Wales

  • Violent crime and offenses by sharp instruments are at their most unprecedented level in 10 years.

  • London reports a 28% annual upsurge in knife killings in 2020.

  • Offenses involving knives or sharp-edged weapons in England and Wales rose 6% to 46,275.

  • Youth violence is exceptionally pertinent: Ages 10 - 12 represent nearly 20% of those cautioned or convicted of knife offenses.

  • Gang violence has merited influential scrutiny within the media and the force behind the rise in London's knife crime.

Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics Instructor

+20 Years Of Experience

Nick Drossos is distinguished as one of the most prized self-defense experts in the world and founder of Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics System, combining a plethora of meticulously designed self-defense techniques. Nick empowers his pupils with high-caliber skills that include awareness training, subjective assessments of violence, weapon defense, stress training, and real-life scenario drills.

The Tactical Edge Defense Program

This program has 6 tiers and incorporates over 48 lessons. Each lesson is successive, with a step by step breakdown. Every member of the program will receive a comprehensive outline of each lesson along with a powerful compilation of facts and life saving information.

  • The Tactical Edge Defense manual and training guide.

  • Tier 1: 12 Lessons targeting concepts and strategies.

  • Tier 2: 18 Alive drills and pressure training.

  • Tier 3: 12 Full out Reality Based Scenarios Training.

  • Bonus: Edge weapon material from our Hero Camp.

  • Exam and certification of completion.

Endorsed By Law Enforcement

Course Outline

What's Included In Your Porgram

  • 1

    Manual and Training Guide

    • Before We Start

    • Edge Defense Survival Guide

  • 2

    Principle Theory's and Concepts | 12 Lessons

    • Intro The Tactical Edge Program

    • Situational Awareness

    • Static Knife Defense

    • Dynamic Knife Defense

    • Ice Pick Grip Defense

    • Lead Empty Hand Defense

    • Ground Fighting | Attacker Standing

    • Ground Fighting Principles

    • Pinned on the wall Knife Defense

    • Multiple Attackers Survival Strategies

    • How to Protect Someone in a Stabbing

    • 3 Types of Improvised Weapons

    • Fundamental Striking principles

  • 3

    Alive Drills and Pressure Training | 18 Lessons

    • Intro to Alive and Training Drills

    • Awareness | Closed Eye Drill

    • Trapping Drill | Tire

    • Flow Drill | Parry - Trap

    • Angles of Attack | Pinned on Wall

    • Counter Strikes | Step In

    • Dynamic | Full Blast Attacks

    • Empty Lead Hand | Pump and Grab

    • Clinch Drill | Concealed Knife

    • Ground Fighting | Attacker Standing

    • Ground Fighting | Full Blast Attack

    • Rear Knife To Neck | Trapping Drill

    • Static Rear Knife | Turn Around Drill

    • Pinned On Wall | Escape

    • Multiple Attackers | Shield and Cover

    • 2 on 1 | Close Quarter Surprise Ambush

    • Improvised Weapon | 3 Range Training

    • Chess Drill | Improvised Striking

  • 4

    Real Life Scenario Training | 12 Scenarios [COMING IN JULY]

    • Intro to Scenario Training

    • Domestic Violence Abuse

    • Car Jacking

    • Verbal Defense and De-escalation

    • Rape Prevention in Bathroom

    • In Home Attack

    • Strategic Mugging Defense

    • Evade and Escape Tactics

    • How To Protect Someone

    • Improvised Weapons

    • Final Break Down

  • 5

    Bonus Videos | Hero Training Camp

    • Defense from an Exacto

    • Defense from a Machete

    • Defense from a Beer Bottle

    • Attack Against 2 Knives

    • Fight Analysis - ATM Brutal Knife Attack

    • Fight Analysis - Officer Ice Pick Grip Attack

    • Fight Analysis - Improvised Weapon

    • Fight Analysis - Bouncer Gets Stabbed

    • Fight Analysis - Multiple Attackers

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"It's not about winning or losing, it's about surviving"

The number of aggravated assaults in the United States:

Top cities with violent crime in the U.S per 100,000 residents:

Knife or cutting instrument: 117,854 Personal Weapons: 169,384 Firearm: 186,078 Other: 200,826 100,000 residents: Detroit: 1,965.33 St.Louis: 1.927.32 Memphis: 1,901.42 Baltimore: 1,858.72 Cleveland: 1,516.65
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Stabbing Deaths by Country 2020:

Rank: Top Ten



3.United States 








Europe: United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime

  • Knives are at the helm of 43% of homicides in Europe vs.10% in the Americas, as gun control laws are more rigorous

  • Death by 'sharp objects' is palpable in the 15-19 and 20-24 age groups in Northern and Western European countries.

Edge Weapon Instructor Course U.S Law Enforcement

Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics have been sought out from civilians to law enforcement.

The fundamental concepts, strategies, and applications, have been taught to law enforcement and security around the world. This program encompasses, and breakdowns, mind set, theory, alive drills and full out scenario training for a complete 360" defense program.

Manual Training Guide

As soon as you sign up, you will get your training Manual and guide, that will cover more life saving tips and informations.

Awareness Training

"The first few seconds are crucial to your survival"

This program will prepare and train your awareness. The first few seconds is where it all begins, the faster you can detect, and intercept the weapon before it comes out, the higher your chances of survival. But you need to know what to look for. This program has an extensive awareness training focus.

Concepts, Strategies and Survival Principles

"It's not about training for every scenario, it's about understating the concepts that can be applied in the right scenario"

If you're training through memorized movement, or repetitive sequences you are DOOMED! I don't teach any of that non sense stuff, that can get you killed in the street. I focus, on concepts, strategies and survival principles that can be applied in any situation.

Alive Drills and Pressure Training

"You will fight the way you train"

This course encompasses over 20 full out alive drills. If you want to learn how to fight, at some point you have to fight. The drills are broken down and isolated, each focus on one specific skills set, to develop and wire natural reactions.

Improvised Weapons

"Against a knife attack, you better fight dirty"

There is always a weapon, somewhere lying around. This course will teach you how to use your environment and all types of improvised weapons, to fight off an attacker.

Role Playing and Scenario Training

"Only through scenario training you explore the entire experience"

This course has 12 full out reality base scenarios. We go out, to real environments and explore the biggest factor and how it can play for you or against you. Testing out in full speed, what works and doesn't as well the students situational awareness and decision making.

Rape Prevention

GTI Magazine

Nick Drossos, expertise has been sought out by the top in the industry.

Nick Drossos has been featured on numerous talk shows, radio and magazine. Sharing his expertise on personal safety.

The Most Realistic Combative System

Join the #1 Knife Defense Program in The Industry!

2 Day Close Quarter Combat Seminar

Austria, Vienna

Nick Drossos is world renowned, and has taught seminars around the globe. His self defense tactics have been used, and endorsed by many instructors.

Exclusive To Students

What's included?

  • Private Community Chat

    Have questions about your training? we have a private community chat, in our platform set up for support through your self defense

  • Private Facebook Group

    Join the private Facebook group, only accessible to our members, for extra content and review.

  • Manual and Training Guide

    Our knife defense program, offers a training manual and additional life saving information.

Watch Intro Video

Bonus material

Included in our Tactical Edge Program, our hit series fight analysis

  • Hero Training Camp

    Watch our weapon fight analysis series and edge weapon defense, such as exacto, machete and much more.


  • What will the Tactical Edge Defense program prepare me for?

    The fundamental objective of the Tactical Edge Defense program is to make you skilled and shrewd in defending against any type of knife or edged weapon attack. Lessons are intense and meticulous - preparing you both physically and mentally, to evade and escape, as well as defend, and attack from a knife or edged weapon. The preeminent goal is to augment your chances of survival.

  • Why is knife defense so vital in self-defense training?

    Learning knife and edged weapon defense is crucial. Both are deadly and may enter into an attack or fight at any time! Knife crime in the United Kingdom is rapidly spreading, and is being depicted as a spiraling, global epidemic. Homicides using knives and cutting instruments rank third, only after guns and firearms, making knife defense urgent.

  • A knife attack can be deadly. How does this course guarantee my survival?

    There is no single system or instructor able to offer any guarantee against a violent knife attack. However, one thing we can guarantee is that this program will enhance and stack all your chances of fighting off any attacker and your survival. Fighting back and doing something is better than nothing. Thats why this program encompasses simple and effective concepts and strategies that you can apply in your daily life. Training your awareness, using improvised weapons, evading and escaping and developing the mind set and physical skills to defend and when necessary to attack. It’s an authoritative program devised from real-life experience and is a leader in its industry. The core and founder Nick Drossos has 20 years of self-defense experience and ten years of reality-based training and intense pressure testing. Prominently coveted by military and police, Nick’s system is most symbolic of high-stress fight confrontations. His Tactical Edge Defense program is hardcore, influential, and trusted.

  • How does this course train for the psychological and emotional aspects of a knife attack?

    One's mental game is profound! The Tactical Edge Defense program advocates teaching how to effectively respond to emotions such as fear within simulated, stress-induced conditions. Mental conditioning is a pivotal aspect of the Tactical Knife Defense program, emphasizing the magnitude of both intuition and instinct, as well as the effects of adrenaline on one’s system.

  • Is there a requisite age for this course?

    Our Tactical Knife Defense program is for both men and women begins at age +18 With an alarming global rise in knife crime, our students range from adults to seniors. It’s paramount to make knife defense accessible to all, and give them all the tools they need to fight off any attack.

  • For what level is this program designed?

    The Tactical Edge Defense program encourages participants of every level. It integrates students from beginner to expert, with lessons progressing from basic to more advanced defensive tactics.

  • How many lessons are included in the program?

    The Tactical Edge Defense program has 6 tiers and incorporates over 48 lessons in total. Each lesson is successive, with a step by step breakdown. The Tactical Edge Defense manual and training guide Tier 1: 12 lessons targeting concepts and strategies. Tier 2: 18 alive drills to explore and develop those skills - in real-time. Tier 3: 12 real-world attack scenarios Bonus: Edge weapon material from our Hero Camp Exam and certification of completion.

  • Will I receive immediate access to your program upon registration?

    You will be granted access to the training manual and all lessons immediately upon signing in. Although we appreciate diligence, we advise you to take ample time to analyze and mindfully practice each lesson.

  • Is there a course I should complete before beginning the Tactical Edge Defense program?

    However, we confidently endorse that our Hero Program could be advantageous, as it identifies with personal protection for the real world. The Hero Program is composed of 48 tutorials and has earned stellar reviews.

  • Is there any information to guide me through the program?

    Yes! You will receive your Tactical Edge Defense manual. This will also offer you the opportunity to discover and examine other topics relevant to knife defense training and guide you through your training.

  • What if I have any questions or concerns throughout my training?

    You may connect with Nick Drossos at any time through the community forum. As a student, you may even reach out with any questions or feedback through private messaging - all accessible through our platform. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • What defines my access to the Tactical Edge Defense program once purchased?

    A one-time fee grants you unlimited, lifetime access to the entire program!

  • Is there an exam upon course completion?

    Yes, there is an exam upon successful completion of all 48 lessons in our Tactical Edge Defense program; consisting of both multiple choice and long answer questions.


Nick Drossos has been featured on various T.V, Radio Stations and Magazines talking about personal safety!


Online Students!

5 star rating

Unbelievable Course!

Don Carroll

Amazing course, so much information so much knowledge, anybody running a club or just wanting to learn for yourself protection I would recommend Nick Drossos...

Read More

Amazing course, so much information so much knowledge, anybody running a club or just wanting to learn for yourself protection I would recommend Nick Drossos on line courses , you can never know enough about knife defence.

Read Less
5 star rating

Knife defense

Hrvoje Luksic

Excellent and practical stuff!! So much valuable life saving information!!

Excellent and practical stuff!! So much valuable life saving information!!

Read Less
5 star rating

tactical edge

rob abbandondelo

great info very realistic would like to see some sequences in slow motion

great info very realistic would like to see some sequences in slow motion

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star rating


Awareness Knife Attack

Alexander K.

Dear  Nick, this is Alex here. I wanted to thank you for your lessons. I watch your videos closely and let me tell you this quick story that happened yesterday. London is Europe's city with the most deaths from stabbings  -unfortunately. Lived there close to 10yrs, I moved to this small uni city (1/4 students here👋) in Germany and yesterday, some guy 'invited' me to fight in the street (the high street over here, actually - in broad daylight). I wasn't aware enough to recognize my ego and I let him provoke me and I provoked him, too (stupid, I acknowledge). I called the cops and when I saw from maybe 50 ft distance that he was leaving the area, I asked him to stay, which of course escalated things - next thing I know, he charges towards me and I see a knife in his hand. I shouted "What's that in your hand" as bystanders, random people were starting to pay attention.. in this pivotal moment, my mind was FLUSHED with images and info from your videos, Nick. I saw as he was charging towards me how this knife could be parried and trapped and I saw my hands doing that and also your face and body doing it - nevertheless, I kicked his lower arm in this moment which was at head height and many bystanders grabbed him and held him back, 'advising' me to get the f out ;) So I did that and feel grateful for your knowledge that you shared.  Thanking you kindly, Alex

Special Operations

Thomas Lojek

I am working with Special Operations guys and some of the world’s best instructors of Special Operations for years and I can assure you: Nick Drossos is highly competent in his teachings of realistic hand to hand combat for our daily modern urban environment. Real-life violence in our streets are a cruel and reckless beast, without any rules and order, and the level of violence increases every day ... Nick knows excatly how to teach you to survive this challenge! His fighting-repertoir is „street smart“, he knows what he is talking about, because he has been there... As a a former bouncer he has seen the worst in men, and survived. That is the most crucial aspect when you are looking for an instructor: did he apply what he teaches and did it helped him to survive real-life violence and not just to shine during unrealistic dojo drills. Nick is competent and creative, an vivid and open mind, an instructor with skills and instinct.... and he is a great person! I recommend to anyone who wants to feel safe while walking back home at night to learn from Nick Drossos what it takes to survive the asphalt jungle of our modern streets. - Thomas Lojek

Security Training

David Lashley

“Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have study/trained in. It is practical and deals with real world self defense. He covers all ranges of fighting from empty hand, to ground, to weapons. There are not many system where you can experience this full spectrum of training.” - Bailiff(Director of Security)Common Pleas Court   Instructor at Lashley Training Center

Coming soon!

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