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Welcome to the Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics Certification program, a leader in self-defense accreditation. These Instructor Courses are held only 1 time a year and spaces are limited! We have a dynamic support system in place to help out with anything you need and any questions along your path. Let's connect!

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Revolution Krav Maga Street Defense

Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics™ Level 1 Sat-Sun, May 27-28. 2023. 12 Max.

2 Days. 14 Total hours. Semi-private. In-person training. Level 1 will allow you to teach the following Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics™ System. Lunch, snacks and beverages are provided!

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An intense weekend of live, hands-on training with life-saving self-defense information and teaching material!

  • Combat conditioning warm-up and cool-down exercises

  • Understanding the psychology of violence

  • Situational awareness training

  • Verbal diffusion and de-escalation tactics

  • Natural fighting stances

  • Principles of physical retaliation

  • Hand-to-hand combat and common attacks

  • Principles of ground fighting

  • Role playing and scenario stress training

  • Basic knife defense


Be Part Of The World Wide Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics Team!

This certification, will give you the self defense Instructor edge. Training personally with Nick and learning most effective self defense technics and teaching methods.


What will this instructor course do for you!

  • Teach a cutting edge Self-defense system

  • World wide recognized certification program

  • Learn the latest self defense drills and technics

  • Ongoing support & instructor material updates

  • Startup guidance, branding and marekting

  • Life time support by Nick Drossos and team

  • Join the world wide community of trainers

  • Referrals and mentioned on website and social media platforms.


Our community is global, teach self defense and empower your community!


When you register for the Level 1 Instructor Course, here is everything you get:

  • The Hero Course Valued at 97$

  • The Tactical Edge Course Valued at 97$

  • Instructor T-Shirt and Cap

  • Instructor Course Certification and Badge

  • 50% OFF All Online Courses.


The Graceful Warrior Project

“I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to take Nick’s self defense instructor course! My favorite part about the exercises were that we got to pressure test the moves and see if they really work against people of all sizes and abilities. As I teach women self defense in some of the most dangerous places in the world, I know how important it is to teach techniques that actually work. Not only did his course give me confidence, it helps me to give confidence to our leaders as they teach the women in their communities worldwide. I can’t recommend Nick enough!”


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Answer a few short questions.


Get ready! 

A team member will connect with you to learn more about your expectations and goals. 

The objective is to collaborate personally, respond to any questions you may have, and assess your candidacy through a simple review process. Then, if accepted, you will register for a training date! 

You'll also receive your information package, which includes a training outline and a personal instructor guide. 

As a bonus, you may also access our Hero Program and The Tactical Edge, valued at $200! This free pass allows you to start learning from acceptance into the Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics Instructor Course!

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Gabe Koche



Get the early bird special, also available is a 4 month payment plan.


Be Part Of An Elite Team!

  • What fitness level does your Defensive Tactics Instructor Course demand?

    From novice to master, we encourage all skill sets to participate in our instructor course. It does not require a foundation of expertise on any level. The most fundamental precondition is the resolve to execute a pledge to commit and conquer this high-profile preparational course.  

  • I consider myself to be an absolute beginner. Is this course still for me?

    Absolutely! Customized for all levels, anyone with the discipline to learn and the fortitude to train hard will reap the instructor course's distinct benefits.

  • Is there a requisite age for your instructor course?

    The Instructor course necessitates its participants be at least 18 years of age. The techniques and lessons are indicative of real word defense with optimal scenarios designed to simulate genuine peril. Physical and psychological disciplines to combat substantial threats and violence is the paramount objective.   Please note, we are simultaneously committed to self-defense in youth. Empowerment is essential at any age, and our diverse selection of programs including anti-bullying for kids, notably reflects this.

  • What is the maximum number of students permitted in each session of the instructor course? 

    To grant our participants a superior experience, we do not exceed 12 students per class. Our instructor course values the concept of training with excellence. Honing in on personal attention permits more constructive and trusted direction.

  • Is your instructor course certification globally recognized? 

    Yes, our certification sanctions on an international level. Furthermore, our Defensive Tactics Instructor Course's authentic and valued approaches have gripped the attention of participants from choice metropolitans all over the world. 

  • Is there a guarantee that I will receive my certification? 

    All participants must complete both a written and oral exam to qualify for their certification - relevant in maintaining the legitimacy and the caliber of our instructor course.

  • How long is the certification valid?

    Once you have completed the course with success, earning certification, you are qualified for life! Although, as with any discipline, continuing education is perpetually advantageous.  It's significant to note that pursuing self-defense practices long term creates a dynamic influence on your life. It's a game-changer in terms of augmenting both your physical and mental capacities and developing a skill which Nick strikingly advocates - grit. 

  • After receiving certification, is there a renewal process? 

    No, your certification does not warrant renewal. However, we do encourage the completion of additional levels by participating in supplementary courses or sessions to enhance one’s dexterity.

  • I would like to participate in your instruction course for personal achievement rather than fulfill an instructor role, is this even recommended?

    Of course! Although meticulously designed to teach specific instructor skills, unified with a powerful combination of self-defense techniques, the skills you will master are opportune for whatever your goal may be.

  • Is your Defensive Tactics Instructor Course equitably designed for women? 

    Our instructor course, although quite vigorous, is a formidable achievement regardless of gender. It’s vital to understand that safeguarding techniques are an essential skill for everyone.  We adhere to the premise that self-defense is not exclusive to overpowering an attacker and strategizes methods of protection from a substantial aggressor.  The objective of our Defensive Tactics Instructor Course is for all participants to become resourceful, strong willed and confident in using an arsenal of self-defense techniques indicative of our exemplary program.

  • Do you also offer an affiliate program?

    We unquestionably prescribe that our students strive to succeed in our affiliate program. To date, it has been a gratifying feat for students to receive this accolade. This next step obliges that participants fulfill all 3 levels of training in the Defensive Tactics Instructor Course to receive affiliate honours and elite certification.

  • Is there a continuing education program?

    Yes! We offer two additional levels and a powerful and extraordinary retreat for those determined to expand their knowledge of tactical self-defense. Training and developing one’s self-defense capacity through online training courses, and remaining current in self-defense techniques is invaluable.

  • I cannot participate in your Defensive Tactics Instructor Course on the elected date, yet I don't want to miss the valuable opportunity to work with Nick Drossos! What are my options?

    If you cannot attend the course in Montreal, Canada on the predetermined date, we encourage you to connect with Nick directly to discuss alternative sessions.  Possibilities include booking a V.I.P Weeknd with Nick Drossos or a virtual experience if you so choose.

  • Is it possible to register for your instructor course in my country, or better yet, my city? 

    The Instructor course has expanded to include sessions internationally. The demand for Nick's distinct expertise continues to grow and evolve, with unique requests fulfilled annually.

  • Will I get support to grow my self-defense or related business? 

    Absolutely! After course completion, we will systematically guide you in achieving goals that correlate with your self-defense instruction. Aside from the paramount physical and mental training indicative of our Defensive Tactics Instructor Course, we also thrive on developing strong connections with our students.  Influential referrals, YouTube posts, and substantial social media recognition are a few advantages to becoming a valued part of our self-defense community. 

  • Is it possible to pay for the Instructor course in instalments? 

    Yes. We offer monthly payment plans as well package incentives for all three levels. Details are available upon request. 

  • I'm keen to get started! How do I proceed with registration?

    STEP 1:  Sign up for free for our review process! STEP 2:  Respond to a short series of questions. STEP 3: A member of our team will connect with you to become more informed of your expectations and goals. The objective is to collaborate personally, respond to any questions you may have, and ultimately deduce if your candidacy is authorized through a simple review process.  If accepted, you will register for a training date and receive your information package; a training outline, and an instructor guide for your personal review.  As a bonus, you may also access our Hero Program and Hero Training Camp - valued at $200! This will allow you to start learning from the moment of acceptance into the Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics Instructor Course!


Learn Real World Self Defense

Train with Nick Drossos, and learn the latest and cutting edge self defense material. Pursue a career that offers value to the world.


Hugo T.

This was an amazing experience. The Instructor course, improved my self defense skills in addition to my martial arts training. The format was very well structured and the atmosphere was pleasant. Nick Drossos, broke down the lessons, drills and trained with each one of the participants. Thank you Nick and look forward for Level 2!

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