Spaces are limited to 12 and participants, must be certified Level 1 to apply! SOLD OUT!!!

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Edge Weapon Defense Instructor course, for U.S law enforcement. Join the team!

This 2 day 14hour course is packed with weapons training, alive and pressure drills. Its an intense weekend, that will take your teaching to the next level.

When: Sat-Sun October 29-30 2022. Where: Montreal Qc Canada

2 day semi-private in-person training Total of 14 hours (7 hours per day) Lunch, snacks & beverages provided Level 2 will allow you to teach the following Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics™ System

    1. What You Will Need!


  • Ballistic Knife Defense Training

  • Short and Long Weapon Defense

  • Improvised Weapons

  • Tactical Weapons Training

  • Advanced Ground Fighting Drills

  • Multiple Attackers and Weapons Training

  • Alive and Pressure Training

  • Reality Based Scenario Training

  • Basic Gun Defense


Be Part Of The Leading Team In Self Defense Contact: for details!

Defensive Tactic Unit for The Boston Police


  • Training and Manuel Guide

  • Tactical Edge Course

  • Tactical Weapon Training Gear

  • T-Shirt, Cap and Badge

  • Food and Beverages included at the event

  • V.I.P Dinner Sunday


Level 2 Instructor Course

  • Do I need to have completed level 1 to take part of level 2

    Yes all participants must have completed level 1 and be certified, to take part of the level 2 instructor course.

  • How do I sign up

    In order to sign up, you must contact Nick Drossos - directly and go through a 2nd interview.

  • What topics will be covered in level 2

    Level 2 will be focusing mostly on weapons and full use of force in extreme life or death situations, as well advanced combative technics and handicap drills.

  • What type of certification will level 2 give me

    Level 2 will give you a weapons certification and get you to the next and final level of a fully certified and affiliate Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics Instrcutor.

  • Where is the event held

    The event will be held in Montreal Quebec, Canada. its a 2 day training seminar 14 hours, all food and beverages are included in the event. Location will be disclosed to participants.

  • Do you have a payment plan

    Yes for a payment plan, contact Nick Drossos for details.

  • What's included when I sign up

    As soon as you sign up, you will receive your training and manual guide, as well free access to our Tactical Edge program. At the event, you will receive a start up training kit, tactical weapon training gear, t-shirt, cap, and more! Note: all foods, and beverages are included in the event.

  • Is there an exam for level 2

    Level 2, is a weapon course so the instructors must grasp the material with precision. There is a written, as well a live teaching exam and follow up after certification.

  • What's next after level 2

    Once level 2 is completed, the next and final chapter, is the Agoga Training camp. This is 3 days 36 hours intense training weekend, that will accredit you as a fully certified and affiliate to the Nick Drossos Defense Tactics System.

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