The complete Defensive Tactics program you need to protect yourself and your loved ones, when a threat a rises. This 48 Step by Step lessons, will give you a complete break down and teach you all the skills you need to manage your fears and build you confidence!

  • Fear Management

  • Psychology & Awareness

  • Verbal Defense

  • Common Attacks

  • Ground Fighting

  • Multiple Attackers

  • Scenario Training

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Joe Riley


48 Step by Step Lessons

  • 1

    Level I – Psychology & Awareness

    • Begin The Journey

    • Awareness

    • Awareness and Body Language

    • Verbal Defense

    • Basic Footwork

    • Natural Footwork Fighting Stance

    • Natural Fighting Stances

    • Angles Of Attack

    • Principles of Physical Retaliation

    • Primary Targets

    • How To Hit With Power

    • Explosive Power Striking

    • Chess Drill

  • 2

    Level II – Common Attacks

    • Push and Shove

    • Sucker Punch Defense

    • Headbutt Defense

    • Take Down Defense

    • Head Lock

    • Bear Hug

    • Lapel Grabs

    • Wrist Grabs

    • Rear Naked Choke

    • Hair Pull and Shirt​

    • Knee Defense

    • Wild Punches

  • 3

    Level III - Ground Fighting

    • Ground fighting

    • Ground fighting striking fundamentals

    • Going to the ground

    • Defense from the ground against an attacker standing

    • Defense against a stomp

    • Escape from the mount

    • How to mount someone on the street

    • Escape from the guard

    • Headlock from the ground

    • How to defend from a rear choke from the ground

    • Escaped pinned on the ground on stomach (Rape Prevention)

    • How to escape pinned on the ground (Rape Prevention)

  • 4

    Level IIII Multiple Attacker Defense and Scenario Training

    • Intro

    • 2 on 1 Multiple Attackers

    • Shield Concept

    • 2 on 1 Sucker Punch Drill

    • 2 on 1 Bear Hug Drill

    • 3 on 1  Defense Against Multiple Attackers

    • 2 on 1 Ground Defense Principles

    • 2 on 1 Shield Principle

    • Verbal Attack Scenario

    • Mugging Scenario

    • Defense From Seated Position

    • Improvised Weapon Scenarios

    • ... Hero program completed, thank you!

Why the Hero Program?

  • Step by Step Lessons

  • Practical and easy to learn

  • No gimmicks or fancy moves

  • Street proof and pressure tested

  • Realistic approach to Self Defense

Reality Based Self Defense

Personal Protection For The Real World

The principles and concepts that you will learn in this course, have been tested in real life or pressure tested in many different scenarios to maximize your offence and protect your self and loved ones.

According to the FBI and the U.S Department of Justice;

  • One property crime occurs every 4 seconds

  • * One aggravated assault occurs every 45 seconds.

  • One robbery occurs every 90 seconds.

  • One rape or attempted rape occurs every 5 minutes.


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The number of aggravated assaults in the United States in 2019, according to Statista

Aggravated assaults are defined as intended action to cause severe bodily harm to someone.

  • Other weapons: 200,826 assaults

  • * Firearm: 186,078 assaults (Included: Rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and pistols)

  • Personal weapons: 169,384 assaults

  • Knife or cutting instrument: 117,854 assaults

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Tom Stewart


  • Is there a requisite age for the Hero Program?

    Members of the Hero Program are required to be 18 years of age.  The Hero Program is intense, vigorous and fierce. The strikes taught in my lessons are potentially lethal, systemized with the capacity and intention to deter and/or harm an violent attacker. For those under the legal age, I offer my Bully Proof program; markedly conceived for participants between 8-16 years of age.  

  • Is your Hero program designed for women? 

    Absolutely!  The Hero program teaches self-defense regardless of gender, as safeguarding techniques are an essential skill for everyone.  Although a pivotal element to consider is that more often, predators will strive to attack where they will face the least resistance, in terms of physical size.  It's critical to understand that safeguarding is not limited or exclusive to overpowering your attacker. My Hero program consists of strategies that encompass protection methods from a stronger or more physically substantial aggressor—reinforced with awareness, avoidance, and even practices of verbal self-defense.  My objective is for women to be resourceful, strong-willed, and confident in utilizing the arsenal of self-defense techniques indicative of my Hero program. 

  • Is previous Martial Arts training essential? 

    My Hero program encourages participants of all capacities!  Although stipulated as a beginner's course, the defensive techniques I teach are valuable for anyone regardless of experience or even discipline.  Real-world, violent attacks make everyone susceptible as they occur in uncontrolled environments and are seemingly spontaneous.  Training and practice in my Hero program extend well beyond hand to hand combat ability without diminishing any existing practice value; including violence detection and de-escalation. The crux, empowerment derives at all levels. 

  • Will the Hero program help me in developing confidence to defend myself?

    Yes!  When confronted by an attacker, one will typically experience a spectrum of emotions - the most relevant being fear.  My Hero program incorporates deliberate exercises and training, which ultimately lead to a state of empowerment.  Classes produce a true to life fighter experience, coupled with honest and sound assessment; this firsthand training will fundamentally construct a more tenacious and confident version of yourself.  Translating that fear into effective and most potent energy through self-defense is the expertise of the Hero program. 

  • Will I receive a certification of completion? 

    Yes! Upon completion of the Hero Program’s 48 lessons, you will earn a certification of completion. 

  • How many hours of training should I commit to each week?

    The Hero Program recommends 1 to 2 lessons maximum per week. I do like to advise weekly practices and drills; encouraging members to invest 20-30 min a day at least 3 times a week, to obtain the maximum benefits of my Hero Program. It’s significant to note that the program is designed to be completed between a period of 6 months to one year; with each video given careful analysis, scrutiny and practice. 

  • Is it possible to complete the Hero Program on my own or will I require a partner to simulate defense scenarios and drills?

    The Hero Program incorporates numerous solo drills and annotative ‘plots’, but most certainly a training partner could only add to the learning process and add a true to life element through spontaneous role play. 

  • Does the Hero program require equipment? 

    No. The Hero program does not necessitate any equipment, although if you would like to incorporate apparatus into your training - feel free!  A BOB (Body Opponent Bag), could be valuable for defence training as this freestanding dummy, provides you with a realistic target to practice and at the same time grants you a sufficient level of resistance, allowing you to develop strength and endurance.   A punching bag is beneficial in developing striking power, and punching techniques. It also strengthens, and conditions your bones and tendons to help combat and thwart the force of impact with a target.  It’s imperative to stress that any equipment requires formal training, in order to instill proper and safe techniques.

  • What guarantee do I have that the self defense techniques defining your Hero Program will ‘work’ in real life?

    There is no single system or instructor able to offer any guarantee against attacks; even a professional fighter or trainer is conclusively safeguarded. It's pivotal to recognize this - there are absolutely no exceptions.  I train concepts and strategies for survival, devised from real-life experience in which fighting is not a sport. There is no consent, reason, and for the most part - readiness.  Self-defence will always epitomize safeguarding from attackers, evading dangerous situations - ultimately leading to empowerment. It teaches critical thinking, objectivity, and insight into the nuances of an assaulter. By exercising and training for the physical battle, in turn, your mind will develop the resilience to be proactive vs. reactive, an invaluable skill. Mental toughness is the brain's formidable power, contributing to peak performance and alertness in the face of danger.  My self-defense represents acquiring genuine grit as it prepares you for unanticipated plights. Our basic human needs demand that we feel a sense of security in our everyday lives; if not, it's critical to take action.  That emphasized, the confidence and tenacity developed with my self-defense training will have a dynamic effect on your life. Now that is sure-fire

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Jimmy Hump


What People Say About The Program

5 star rating

Excellent program

Nick Brooks

Everything in Level 1 of this course makes complete, intuitive sense. Nick has distilled his years of experience in violent confrontations to provide that ra...

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Everything in Level 1 of this course makes complete, intuitive sense. Nick has distilled his years of experience in violent confrontations to provide that rarest of things: a course on self-defense that places as much emphasis on the psychology of violence, as it does on the physical skills needed to survive them. He makes it crystal clear: we are not learning 'martial arts'; nor are we learning 'fighting'; self-defence exists in a different, though parallel reality - 100 times more dangerous, 1,000 times more variable and infinitely more complex. Yet, he explains, most self-defence can be boiled down to a handful of techniques trained well, and honing awareness to a high degree. A superb course, from someone who knows what they're talking about.

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5 star rating

Fantastic, important information conveyed in a user-frien...

Tom Stewart

Exceptional! Professional yet personable! I recommend! 5 ⭐️‘S!

Exceptional! Professional yet personable! I recommend! 5 ⭐️‘S!

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5 star rating

Fantastic Self-Defense Course

Mitchell Strohminger

This was an amazing course that really hammered home key concepts that could save your life - and the lives of those closest to you. Nick Drossos teaches you...

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This was an amazing course that really hammered home key concepts that could save your life - and the lives of those closest to you. Nick Drossos teaches you to be more aware of your environment and evaluate potential threats. I also like the fact that it was extremely “real world” oriented: it’s geared to helping you fight, survive, defuse and escape from common dangerous situations - situations that Nick has witnessed first hand. I highly recommend this course. —Mitch S., NYC

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5 star rating

Well done!

Pauline A

The Hero Program is well done! It's very informative and easy to follow Step-by-step. Nick goes into detail from the very start of a fight mentally, and how ...

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The Hero Program is well done! It's very informative and easy to follow Step-by-step. Nick goes into detail from the very start of a fight mentally, and how to fight/defend physically. He explains different possibilities of moves and strikes. This is not a 1-2-3 hit here course; that’s why I enjoyed it and would recommend it!

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star rating

5 star rating

5 stars

Daniel Dawaf

Amazing insights on all the lessons, love the awareness part and the drills!

Amazing insights on all the lessons, love the awareness part and the drills!

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5 star rating


Tama Olsen

Easy to follow, and great breakdown on each lesson!

Easy to follow, and great breakdown on each lesson!

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David Lashley

“Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have study/trained in. It is practical and deals with real world self defense. He covers all ranges of fighting from empty hand, to ground, to weapons. There are not many system where you can experience this full spectrum of training.” - Bailiff(Director of Security)Common Pleas Court   Instructor at Lashley Training Center

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