This 3 Day 18 hour Course Is a Game Changer In Your Mind Set and Self Defense Practice!

  • 1 on 1 Coaching with Nick Drossos

  • Customized Training Program

  • Role Playing and Scenario Training "On Location"

  • Food and Beverages Included

  • Merch and Tactical Gear Included.

  • V.I.P Dinner


Gabe K. From Texas

"This was intense training. It was intense on a physical level – especially as Nick would often work me to the point that my adrenaline had kicked in and I then had to still operate (which really helped me past the ‘freeze”. Mentally and emotionally it was exhausting: he installed a whole new way of interacting with the world"


The Self Defense Experience Is a Unique Approach That Covers Everything From Mind Set to Physical Combat Training.

  • Psychology of Violence

  • Mind Set Training

  • Awareness Training

  • Striking Fundamentals

  • Common Attacks

  • Weapons Training

  • Role Playing and Scenario Training


Empower Yourself by Learning How To Defend Yourself And Protect Your Family With the Top Self Defense Coach In The World!


Tom Stewart Founder of EzNet


  • What level do I need to be to for this course?

    This course is for all levels but excellent for beginners, who want a crash course on the basic fundamentals of self defense?

  • Is this a fixed course curriculum?

    Yes! This course is fixed private course that encompasses the most essential and necessary defense skills you need to learn, to protect yourself and loved ones.

  • Can I create a custom course?

    Most definitely! We can set up a zoom call, and I can create a course uniquely to what you want to learn, or train.

  • What if I want to train with a freind?

    We offer 50% OFF discount for the 2nd person, so invite a freind or relative to learn and train together.

  • Is this both for men and women, and is there an age requirement?

    This is available both for men and women, and the minimum age is 16 years old, with a signature of a parent.

  • What kind of scenario training do we experience?

    This experince, goes out of the ordinary self defense training, going out on location to train from situational awareness to survival stategies and role playing scenarios, all in a safe environment.

  • What is included?

    All beverages, and meals are included while in training, as well V.I.P dinner at a 5 star restaurant with Nick Drossos. As well, exclusive Nick Drossos merch, and tactical gear.

  • How do I schedule my training?

    Once you are registered, together with Nick Drossos, you will set the 3 day training according to schedule. Note: It can be weekdays or weekends.

  • I have more questions?

    If you need more information, contact nick.drossos@gmail.com to further discuss in person.


How Three Days in Montreal Changed My Life

Gabe K.

How Three Days in Montreal Changed My Life I have studied martial arts on and off throughout my life. I’ve completed some very specific, cutting-edge self-defense courses and have even trained as a Personal Protection Officer. As great and helpful as those experiences have been, as someone who has wrestled with PTSD from early life experiences, very little of my martial arts training helped me deal with the sometimes overwhelming sense of doubt and anxiety that I often experience in going out to bars and restaurants and clubs and parties and, generally, just living a normal life. Following the Pandemic, I decided it was time to start living my life to its fullest. And then meant finding a way to work through my doubts. My thee day Self Defense Experience with Nick Drossos in Montreal did exactly that and has put me on a path to living a fuller, happier, more engaged life.


Contact nick.drossos@gmail.com for details or to set up call for more info!

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